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  • Child doing painting with a brush

    The Eight Best Ways for Children to Learn About Art  

      As I stood looking at an exhibit of toddler art on the wall of my school one day, the parent standing next to me said, “This rivals an installation at the Museum of Modern Art”. It was true; all of the elements of form color and texture were there, and not the work of […]

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  • Two girls playing a xylophone

    The Eight Best Ways for Children to Learn About Music

      Ever since researchers discovered that fetuses respond to sound in the sixth month of pregnancy, there have been those in the baby biz that have tried to capitalize on this information. New parents have been manipulated to feel that they need to engage in some sort of special stimulation of their unborn child to […]

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  • Child drawing on a wall

    Creative Expression and Child Development

      At a recent get-together of parents, teachers, and community members interested in supporting the arts, we had a dynamic discussion about the importance of creativity in child development. Those of us from Church Street School for Music and Art stressed the three key reasons for the importance of creativity in our music and art […]

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  • Child's Colorful Painting

    How to Inspire Your Child’s Creative Genius

      Young children are creative dynamos. They surpass adults in their openness to possibility and their willingness to explore without fear. If you give toddlers a drum they immediately create rhythms on it; if you give them paint and a brush they instantaneously drip and rub and mix. In my experience, when most adults sit […]

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  • A variety of colorful pom-poms

    Playful Activities for Preschoolers

    Preschool is all about learning through play.  The learning activities aren’t just about school skills, but also life skills.  These same playful learning ideas can be used at home. Finding activities for preschoolers is easier when you think about any activity as a simple game that may or may not have traditional rules!  At this age, kids […]

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  • Supportive Parents Supporting Schools Part 2 - Consistently Knowing What to Expect

    Supportive Parents Supporting Schools Part 2 – Consistently Knowing What to Expect

    Your child’s teachers are working every day to create a consistent environment so all of their students, including your child can succeed. But as school budgets get cut and class sizes get larger teachers are hard pressed to give as much individual attention to children as they would like.  Your child’s teacher needs a partner […]

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  • Raising Lifetime Readers from the Start

    Raising Lifetime Readers from the Start

    Ever since 18 month old child prodigy Elizabeth Barrett read flashcards on The Today Show, parents have been asking me what they can do to help their children acquire similar skills and learn to love reading.

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  • Language and Your Child: Introducing Dr. Bialystock

    Language and Your Child: Introducing Dr. Bialystock

    I was pleased to attend a talk at a local Barnes & Noble by Dr. Ellen Bialystok, who was speaking about the cognitive benefits of children being bilingual. She is a Distinguished Research Professor of Psychology at York University in Canada. I have been following her work for a long time and have cited her […]

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  • Kids and Smoking: Start the Conversations Early

    Kids and Smoking: Start the Conversations Early

    Each day 3,000 kids start smoking.  One third of them will die from their addiction. Most preschool children today view smoking as an unhealthy, negative behavior.  Somewhere around the time of kindergarten, however, this often begins to change.  They begin to think of positive aspects of smoking – that it is cool, that it can […]

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  • hammock

    Monkey See, Monkey Do Principle of Parenting

    What are you teaching your kids? You may be shocked to realize much of your child’s behavior, whether appropriate or not, is connected to how you parent. Parenting is the toughest job you will ever have. What other job requires you to supervise, protect, teach, encourage, love, provide for, and use empathy, thoughtfulness, kindness, patience […]

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