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  • Do I Really Need to Workout During My Pregnancy?

    Do I Really Need to Workout During My Pregnancy?

    Did you always picture your pregnancy to be the time where you could finally have an excuse to stop exercising and eat for two? Unfortunately, you need to erase that picture. Pregnancy may be one of the most important times of your life to exercise. The benefits go to both you and your baby! First […]

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  • Now What?

    Now What?

    This year on May 2nd at our 3rd annual Pregnancy Awareness Month kickoff event up at Tree People Ricki Lake (producer of The Business of Being Born and advisor on our team) shared with me that just days before the midwives in New York City had lost their right to attend home births and that […]

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  • Nurturing


    About 5 years ago I taught a woman in my prenatal yoga class who was expecting her 5th child. She seemed to be in overwhelm and was frustrated by the fact that her husband was not making her 5th pregnancy easier by helping her manage the household or giving her foot rubs at night.

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  • Exercise Good for You, Good for Your Baby

    Exercise-Good for You, Good for Your Baby

    It was not long ago, just a few generations back when mother-to-be were told that exercising was not good for pregnant women. That in fact as little movement as possible was best. Unless a pregnant woman is high risk (and you must, must get your health care provider’s okay), we now know the opposite to […]

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  • Education is the Key

    Education is the Key

    There comes a time when every pregnant woman must decide what kind of birth she will want to experience. Nowadays we are blessed with many options, from a home birth to a birthing center or a hospital. But how does one choose?

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  • How to Have a Better VBAC – Part 2

    How to Have a Better VBAC – Part 2

    Get Yourself a Doula. Trained labor support is worth its weight in gold, especially through a VBAC.  If your previous birth ended in a cesarean after a long, hard labor – or, if you never got to labor at all – you may need an experienced support person present through your VBAC to help keep […]

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  • How to Have a Better VBAC – Part 1

    How to Have a Better VBAC – Part 1

    Before you even get pregnant, start searching out a supportive VBAC provider. Simply asking your provider if they support VBAC may not be enough.  The answer may be flatly no, but it could also be “Yes, but…” 

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  • My VBAC Birth Story

    My VBAC Birth Story

    In the nearly two years since my VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean), I have had the pleasure of bearing witness to a plethora of other VBAC stories through my connection to the birth community. Many mothers know they want a VBAC, but they may not be clear on what steps to take to get there.

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  • The ABC's of a Healthy and Green Baby Shower

    The ABC’s of a Healthy and Green Baby Shower

    Especially during pregnancy, it’s usually best to keep it simple, healthy, and pure. Here’s our simple approach – with help from the ABC’s – to plan a baby shower that celebrates the life and health of the baby, as well as the Earth she’ll be living on.

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  • Your Baby Is Listening – Even Before Birth!

    Your Baby Is Listening – Even Before Birth!

    I love the results of a new study on babies and languages that shows the innate ability our babies have to fit in with their environments. A group of scientists analyzed the cries of French and German newborns. They determined that even at the tender age of 3 days, your baby will try to communicate […]

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