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    Living Life with Postpartum Depression

    There is a large misconception that being diagnosed with PPD and beginning treatment – whether that be with prescription medication, exercise, therapy, or, whatever your personal plan may be – means that you’re good or that it’s something that you’ll be able to talk about in past tense. Sadly, that just isn’t the case. While […]

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  • Postpartum Depression is a Family Affair

    Postpartum Depression is a Family Affair

    We’ve all heard the saying, “When mama’s happy, everyone’s happy.” Or, “Happy wife, happy life.” Well, I’m here to tell you that not only are they absolutely true, but they can also go both ways. The truth is that postpartum depression doesn’t just affect you; rather, it is a true family affair. You may be […]

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  • Time for Action Treatment Medications and Therapy

    Time for Action: Treatment, Medications, and Therapy

    Being diagnosed with postpartum depression is only the first step of many. Realizing that the way you feel isn’t because you’re a horrible mother or that you did something wrong can lift a huge weight off of your shoulders. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t end there with the diagnosis. For some, it can be a very […]

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  • Skin to Skin Benefits for Postpartum Depression

    Skin to Skin Benefits for Postpartum Depression

    It’s not uncommon to experience the “baby blues” after giving birth. The sudden shift in hormones, the lack of sleep and the transition into parenthood can all contribute to feelings of anxiety – even sadness, or being overwhelmed. Postpartum depression can be more than just a serious case of the blues; it can interfere with […]

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  • How to Combat Loneliness as a New Mom

    How to Combat Loneliness as a New Mom

    After the excitement of birth and bringing home the new baby, it’s not unusual for moms to suddenly feel extreme loneliness in their new roles as parent. After all, taking care of a baby is tiring and stressful, not to mention labor-intensive. The very nature of newborns is that they need hands-on care 24/7, which […]

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  • Depression: 3 Simple Questions

    Depression: 3 Simple Questions

    Most women with real postpartum depression are never diagnosed. Even though postpartum depression is very common, and even though identifying it can help both the baby and the mother, most cases slip through the cracks. A simple new 3-question test has proven very reliable at detecting postpartum depression. Perhaps surprisingly, none of the questions were […]

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  • Exercising for Two

    Exercising for Two

    Exercise is a green approach to health care. Yes, a green pregnancy means making the most of what you take into your body, through what you eat, drink, and breathe, and also absorb through your skin, hair, and nails. But how you move your body is another powerful green way to make a difference. There […]

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  • Blue is a Color in the Rainbow

    Blue is a Color in the Rainbow

    You may feel a rainbow of emotions during the days following your baby’s birth, sometimes in bewildering succession, sometimes several conflicting emotions at the same time.

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  • Climb a Mountain, Drink Tea, or Be a Friend

    Climb a Mountain, Drink Tea, or Be a Friend

    In a Herculean effort to draw attention to breast cancer, a group of women climbers, including several breast cancer survivors, reached the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro this summer.  Through their climb they also helped to raise money for breast cancer research. 

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  • Treating Continuous Crying

    Treating Continuous Crying

    I have a 7-week-old who is very fussy. All he does is cry. He is in pain and I feel so bad for him. He barely sleeps at all. When he is fussy he is also extremely gassy. Any…

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