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  • Paternity Leave

    Paternity Leave

    My employer doesn’t seem to have heard about paternity leave — he tells me I can have one day off without pay and that’s it. What’s the law, and where can I find it?
    Duluth, Minnesota

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  • Bllod Types 102

    Blood Types 102: The Role of A, B, O, and AB Groups In Determining Paternity

    Hello Doc, Is there any way of determining the father of a child before it is born?

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  • Fast Facts about Huffing

    Fast Facts about Huffing

    “Huffing,” or inhaling volatile substances, is becoming increasingly popular among children, especially among 12- to 14-year-olds (Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, 1998;152(8):781–786).

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  • Learning to Share

    Learning To Share

    Dr. Greene, no matter how much I make my children share, they just don’t seem to learn. They still get upset whenever someone else plays with their toys. How can I put an end to the endless fighting?
    Mary S….

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  • Ownership and Sharing Rules

    Ownership and Sharing Rules

    For my children, we have three rules of sharing to help teach respect:

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  • Knowing When a Child Should be Picked up from Day Care

    Knowing When a Child Should be Picked up from Day Care

    As a parent, when you get a call saying that you need to leave work to pick up a sick child, you are put in a tough spot. You don’t want to use your vacation to stay home with a miserable child (that’s no vacation!), you may have limited sick leave, and you may not […]

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  • Sick Children in Day Care

    Sick Children in the Daycare Setting

    What is your opinion on Fifth’s Disease? Should children be sent home with this? We call parents to pick them up, but parents say some doctors are saying that children with this disease should be able to remain in…

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  • Fast Facts about Childhood Migraines

    Fast Facts about Childhood Migraines

    Migraines are the most important and frequent type of headache in children, affecting more than one in twelve kids — yet only 20 percent of children with migraines are ever properly diagnosed and treated (Headache, May 1997).

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  • Tips for Two Year Old Play

    Tips for Two Year Old Play

    One of the joys of parenting is finding that zone of moderate challenge for your child, and setting up fun opportunities for her to teach herself through exploration and play.

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  • Making the Holidays Magical

    Making The Holidays Magical

    In light of some of the really important questions you answer on this page, I feel a little silly even asking this, but . . . I am a working mom and I’m starting to freak out about Christmas….

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