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  • Patient Advocacy - I am a Ferguson!

    Patient Advocacy – I am a Ferguson!

    I spent a glorious weekend with a small group of Internet health pioneers. One of the questions raised was what do we call the people who are taking an active interest in their health? “Patients” isn’t it. Nor is “consumers” or “users”. “People” is too broad – we are indeed people, but we are also […]

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  • True Power - Healing with Hugs

    True Power – Healing with Hugs

    None of us like it when our children experience pain. A study in the January 2000 journal Pediatrics documented a remarkably powerful pain reliever for children – hugs! In this randomized, controlled trial at Boston Medical Center, some infants received full body, skin-to-skin contact with their mothers and others were swaddled in their cribs during […]

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  • Parenting in the New Millenium

    Parenting in the New Millenium

    What a wonderful time to celebrate children! I watched on CNN as the countdown to a new year swept across the time zones. Across borders and cultures, people around the planet joined to honor the past and embrace the future.

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  • The Gift of Life

    The Gift of Life

    How tragic for a child’s parent or grandparent to be snatched away by sudden cardiac death (SCD). An exciting study in the December 16, 1999 New England Journal of Medicine offered good news. Until now, well over a quarter million people each year have died from SCD in the United States alone. In this NIH […]

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  • How Secondhand Smoke Affects Children

    How Secondhand Smoke Affects Children

    The Great American Smokeout is the American Cancer Society’s call to stop smoking. We all know that smoking leads to serious health problems for adults, but many people just don’t get that being in a room that smells like smoke increases and prolongs colds, coughs, sinus infections, and asthma in children. Secondhand smoke is responsible […]

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  • Gun Safety

    Gun Safety

    Bang! Around the world, someone’ s young child is killed with a loaded gun every few minutes. This is one of the leading causes of death in children. The problem is worst in countries like the United States where firearms are readily available. About half of US homes contain firearms, and one in four gun […]

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  • Mother's Instincts

    Mother’s Instincts

    As parents we know that having children changes our entire experience of the world. Women also know that the miracle of pregnancy changes the body in tangible ways. New research published in the November, 1999 issue of Nature suggests that pregnancy and childbirth may permanently change the brain as well.

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  • Physician Referral Policy Changes

    Physician Referral Policy Changes

    On a trip to New York, I enjoyed spending some time with the medical director of United Healthcare, the nation’s second largest health insurer.  He explained that they were spending $100 million annually on the administrative costs of the referral approval process, where administrative staff members decide whether a physician’s referral of a patient to […]

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  • They Can Die With the First Try

    They Can Die With the First Try

    October is Child Health Month, and in 1999, the American Academy of Pediatrics’ focused on educating parents and children about huffing – the dangerous practice of inhaling fumes (aerosols, glues, paints, etc.) to become intoxicated. 

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  • The Return of Thalidomide

    The Return of Thalidomide

    Thalidomide, the drug that was prescribed to relieve morning sickness in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, caused a worldwide epidemic of severe birth defects. The drug is not kind to certain growing tissues. This turns out to make it very powerful in treating leprosy, AIDS, cancer, diabetic retinopathy, and perhaps a number of other […]

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