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  • Media Violence is Harmful to Kids!

    Media Violence is Harmful to Kids!

    The “Joint Statement on the Impact of Entertainment Violence on Children,” at the August 2000 congressional public health summit, cited well over 1,000 studies that “point overwhelmingly to a causal connection between media violence and aggressive behavior in some children… Its effects are measurable and long-lasting… prolonged viewing of media violence can lead to desensitization […]

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  • Cancer in the Family

    Cancer in the Family

    Women still reeling from the diagnosis of breast cancer need support and guidance regarding discussing this weighty matter with their children. A study in the August 19th/26th, 2000 issue of the British Medical Journal found that although most women would have liked advice on how to break the news to their children, few women received […]

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  • Medical Economics

    Medical Economics

    I am not a political partisan. Nor am I an expert on economics. But as I listened to Al Gore’s speech on August 15th, 2000, I was thrilled to hear the issues that affect our children come to the forefront of the political debate.

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  • Dangers of Parental Smoking

    Dangers of Parental Smoking

    A study in the August 2000 issue of the Archives of Disease in Childhood found that parents who smoke increase the risk of meningococcal meningitis for their children by about 200% for every 20 cigarettes smoked at home on an average day (220% if the mother smokes, 170% if only the father smokes).

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  • Children Deserve Physicians Who Are Trained to Care for Them!

    Children Deserve Physicians Who Are Trained to Care for Them!

    The future of high quality pediatric care is in the balance. Children’s hospitals are often the best places to care for very sick children. But children’s hospitals and pediatric residency training programs receive a fraction of the funding (per resident) that adult hospitals receive.

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  • 800-GIVE-LIFE


    The American Red Cross has announced that there is a critical blood shortage throughout the United States and has issued a national appeal for blood donations. The hardest hit areas are Los Angeles, Detroit, Baltimore, Washington, DC, and Philadelphia, but levels are down nationwide.

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  • Car Seat Safety

    Car Seat Safety

    Parents and children alike look forward to four years and forty pounds when they no longer have to hassle with car seats. Even though experts (including me) recommend not using regular seat belts until about age nine, the overwhelming majority of pre-school and school-age kids ride in restraints designed for adults.

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  • Sleep Deprivation

    Sleep Deprivation

    We all know it’s true – interns and residents in medical training programs don’t get enough rest. The Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) has released statistics confirming this and citing one in five training institutions with violating current work-hour standards. I believe that those standards would be inadequate, even if met.

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  • Pesticide Use and Children

    Pesticide Use and Children

    Current federal government regulations on pesticides may not adequately protect children. A report released in April 2000 by Congress’ investigative arm raised the concern that the current Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards do not account for children being more vulnerable than adults at the same level of pesticide exposure.

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  • Driving and Teens

    Driving and Teens

    Teenage driving is a dangerous proposition, with fatal collisions the leading cause of death in 15-19 year olds. But getting teens together in a car multiplies the risk. According to a report in the March 22/29th, 2000 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, if a 16-year-old driver brings along a friend the […]

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