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  • Skin to Skin Care for Preterm Babies

    Skin to Skin Care for Preterm Babies

    When a baby is admitted to a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), life can be quite stressful for the baby – and for the parents. Mothers often report that being separated from their babies, especially not being able to hold their babies, is particularly stressful. Researchers at University Hospital, Linkg, Sweden wondered whether encouraging skin-to-skin […]

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  • Our Kids Are Watching

    Our Kids Are Watching…

    …what we eat and drink and smoke. Children as young as two are already developing their own internal ‘scripts’ about adult social life that they will want to imitate, according to a study in the September 2005 Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine.

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  • Cars: Hotter Than You Think

    Cars: Hotter Than You Think

    Kids (and pets) left alone in cars have died from heat stroke on days as cool as 70 degrees Fahrenheit. How can this be? We all know that on hot August afternoons the inside of cars can become unbearably hot. But researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine have shown that parked cars can heat […]

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  • Family Mealtime All for One and One for All

    Family Mealtime All for One and One for All

    When I was a child and my family was gathered together for a meal, my father would sometimes look each of us in the eye and say, “All for one, and one for all.” We eagerly repeated this to each other, enjoying the sense of belonging, service, and support. Even when those words weren’t there, […]

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  • Eczema Treatment Warning

    Eczema Treatment Warning

    The breezy television ads for certain steroid-free eczema treatments have always bothered me. While they don.t say anything untrue, they do incorrectly imply that this treatment is gentler and safer than the more commonly used hydrocortisone. In March 2005 the United States FDA issued a public health advisory about a potential cancer risk from the […]

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  • Fast-Food Fallout

    Fast-Food Fallout

    Does stopping by a fast food restaurant a few times a week with your kids really make a difference in their health? A major long-term study has found a strong association between eating fast food more than twice a week and the development of obesity and type 2 diabetes in teens and young adults.

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  • A Child's Nightmare

    A Child’s Nightmare

    More than a million children will go to bed tonight having lost their parents or having been made homeless by the devastating tsunami. And when they awaken, their communities in tatters, they will face the threat of diseases borne by quieter water.

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  • Childhood Obesity and Cancer

    Childhood Obesity and Cancer

    The heavier kids are during the toddler, preschool, and school years, the greatest the chance they have of developing cancer as young adults, according to a study published in the November 1, 2004 International Journal of Cancer. Researchers in the Boyd Orr Study of Diet and Health in Pre-War Britain measured the heights and weights […]

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  • Count to 30 and Cut

    Count to 30 and Cut

    The timing of clamping and cutting the umbilical cord can make a difference in babies’ health – especially for babies born early. Clamping too late can lead to blood thickening, lung problems, and can interfere with important efforts to help get the baby breathing. On the other hand, clamping too early can deprive the baby […]

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  • Dad and Mom Prevent High Blood Pressure Together

    Dad and Mom Prevent High Blood Pressure Together

    High blood pressure, which used to be a disease of middle age, is becoming more common in children. Once a child has high blood pressure, unless there are significant lifestyle changes, the high blood pressure continues into adulthood. This leads to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and early adult death, even if the blood […]

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