Some Sample Mobile Usage Guidelines
    February 7, 2014
    Some Sample Mobile Usage Guidelines

    By now, it should be abundantly clear to parents that giving a child unfettered use of a mobile device is a very risky proposition. Left to their own devices (literally), the odds are overwhelming tha…

    The Need for Sext Ed
    February 6, 2014
    The Need for “Sext” Ed

    Arguably, no phenomenon of the mobile era is as upsetting to parents as "sexting." For the blissfully uninitiated, "sexting" refers to the sending of sexually explicit texts and photos. It began with …

    The Risks of Sleep Deprivation and Sleep Texting
    February 5, 2014
    The Risks of Sleep Deprivation and Sleep Texting

    There have been a lot of articles and studies over the past couple of decades about where American kids rank against their peers around the world. Unfortunately, one category in which U.S. kids are wo…

    Why Mobile Bullying Is So Destructive
    February 4, 2014
    Why Mobile Bullying Is So Destructive

    As virtually every adult over the age of thirty is painfully aware, bullying is not something that sprang into existence with the invention of cellphones. Kids have been harassing each other to one de…

    At What Age Should Your Child Get His or Her Own Mobile Device
    February 3, 2014
    At What Age Should Your Child Get His or Her Own Mobile Device?

    Walk into any coffee shop in New York City (or around the country, really), and the odds are good that you will see one or more toddlers happily playing with a smartphone or tablet computer. With comp…

    Mother Healer Champion
    January 17, 2014
    Mother, Healer, Champion

    “Am I a bad mom?” I grew up witness to motherhood as simultaneously fierce and beautiful, gentle and brave. I also bore witness to how few people seemed to recognize the power and grace of the pro…

    Motherhood Enduring
    January 16, 2014
    Enduring Motherhood? Motherhood Enduring!

    Choose wisely for now and later Early in my career, I was blessed to have some amazing managers. One in particular left me with words that deeply impacted both my professional and personal lives. This…

    Motherhood Translated
    January 15, 2014
    Motherhood Translated

    Is mothering really work? A judge once asked my dad where my mom worked. My dad dismissively replied that she didn't work. She just stayed home with the kids. Incredulous, the judge questioned his ass…

    Mommy v Mother
    January 14, 2014
    Mommy v. Mother

    The making of a "mommy blogger" I am "Mommy." I love being called "Mommy" by my four-year-old son as much as I don't love being called that by anyone else. Strangers only rarely refer to me this way o…

    January 13, 2014
    Motherhood: Nurturing Power

    Dreaming about the future eased some of the pain of a rocky childhood. Instead of worrying if my family would have food, if we'd be able to keep warm, or if my dad would be in a good mood when we saw …

    childs quirks
    January 3, 2014
    3 Ways to Love your Child’s Quirks

    My daughter has a big, powerful voice. My other daughter likes to do things better than everyone else. These are personality quirks that are often the source of conversations around our house. Convers…

    January 2, 2014
    Coping with the Crying

    She’s not fine, I thought. She keeps crying. I’m doing something wrong. I have no idea what to do. These are the things I remember thinking in the first few months of my twin daughters’ lives. M…

    mom melt
    January 1, 2014
    Avoiding a Mommy Meltdown

    We’ve all been there. A really, really long day. The children haven’t been listening or they have been fighting or crying non-stop. And we haven’t had a chance to take care of ourselves. The lit…

    Mom Burnout
    December 31, 2013
    3 Causes of Mom Burnout

    It's not just all that hard work and those daily battles wearing you out. You NEED time for yourself. You know you do. And sometimes, you even get a little -- but not nearly as much as you wish or nee…

    Happy Mornings
    December 30, 2013
    The Art of Happy Mornings

    I really love mornings. I love the newness of the day, the opportunity -- the chance to get it all right, for once. And I love the coffee. But what I don’t love is when the really early alarm goes o…

    Gifts that Return
    December 27, 2013
    Gifts that Return

    This story is reprinted by permission from a work originally published in 1987, with special thanks to Linda Fogg Phillips.  It was early Christmas morning.  We kids had opened all of Santa’s gift…

    Gifts of the Heart Return to the Giver
    December 27, 2013
    Gifts of the Heart Return to the Giver

    Traditions are the threads that sew the hearts of families together throughout the generations of time.  One such tradition started when I was a child in my family of seven children.  Our tradition …

    Holidays Kids and Life
    December 26, 2013
    Holidays, Kids and Life

    There's a poorly decorated, fake Christmas tree standing in the corner of my living room. It is not the fresh evergreen, decked in frosted glass balls that I dreamed I would have as a grown up. The tr…

    Ultimate Opportunity
    December 23, 2013
    The Ultimate Opportunity

    Develop a legacy of compassion around the holidays My wife and I are blessed with three great kids, now ages 19-26. Something we've learned along the way is the importance of tradition to kids, so we'…

    gift from Santa
    December 20, 2013
    The Day My Child Became a Giver

    Our family began a Christmas Eve tradition two years ago. Whether we are home or on the road, we put cash into 17 envelopes that have been decorated by my children. My children walk up to 17 people th…