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  • Young Boy Playing Basketball

    What to Do If You Suspect a Concussion

    Concussions pose a serious threat to the developing brains of children and adolescents. Unfortunately, there is no single sign or symptom that positively indicates that a concussion has occurred. The most important thing to remember about treating children and student athletes who have sustained a blow to the head is that a loss of consciousness […]

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  • Concussion Symptoms

    Concussion Symptoms

    A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that can be caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head or from a blow to the body that causes the head to move rapidly from one side to another. Children can experience a concussion during any sport or recreational activity, so it’s important for coaches […]

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  • Pediatricians vs Chemical Industry

    Pediatricians vs. Chemical Industry

    Who should Congress listen to as they craft laws to regulate toxic chemicals? There is nothing more important than protecting our children’s health. The majority of parents know that when it comes decisions about their children, trained pediatricians, physicians and medical institutions know a thing or two about how the body works. The last six […]

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  • safe and healthy environments

    Creating safe and healthy environments

    When you think about the word “environment”, what comes to mind? Yosemite National Park, swimming in a lake in northern Wisconsin, or a field of roaming bison? For most people we think of the natural world when we heard the word environment, but as it turns out when we’re looking at the intersection of human […]

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  • Ice Packs Warm Compresses

    Ice Packs vs. Warm Compresses After Injury

    Bumps and bruises seem to be part of growing up. I usually do warm compresses, but am not sure if I should be using ice. Which is best?
    San Francisco, CA

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  • As Easy as One, Two, Three: Simple Rules to Help Make Choices that are Great for Families and the Environment

    As Easy as One, Two, Three: Simple Rules to Help Make Choices that are Great for Families and the Environment

    You may be surprised to know that, pound for pound, kids eat more food, drink more liquids and inhale more fumes than adults. That’s why, according to the EPA, carcinogens in our environment are on average 10 times more potent for your kids than for you… in some cases 65 times more potent.

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  • Helmet Fit and Condition

    Helmet Fit and Condition

    Shoes protect the feet; helmets protect the head. Helmets can be very effective at preventing serious head injuries, but nevertheless, head injury during active play remains a leading cause of death among children. Why might this be?

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  • Bottled Water: Summer Tip

    Bottled Water: Summer Tip

    I came across an interesting article in the June 3, 2003 Boston Globe. “Water bottles are not all created equal.” The article quotes Ryan Jordan, a biofilm engineer, who explained that softer plastic bottles can create a safe haven for bacteria and lead to infections when people head off for summer fun at picnics, hiking […]

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  • Sunglasses and Kids

    Sunglasses and Kids

    What is the recommendation of children wearing sunglasses and why? Is there long term damage done to the eye from exposure to the sun?
    Los Gatos, California

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