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  • The Bottom Line

    The Bottom Line

    The nutrients DHA and ARA, found naturally in breastmilk, have been in the news a lot lately. Controversy! Some studies of DHA and ARA in formula have detected significant benefits for children.

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  • Sex changes in frogs, puberty in children?

    Sex changes in frogs, puberty in children?

    The frogs look normal on the outside. But trace amounts of one of the most popular weedkillers in the US have caused male frogs to grow internal female sex organs, according to a study published in the April 16, 2002 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.These mutant frogs may help explain why the amphibian […]

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  • Feeding Yourself, Feeding Your Baby

    Feeding Yourself, Feeding Your Baby

    Feeding your baby is such a special time in your family’s life! I have four children. When my daughter was born, she weighed 7 pounds 6 ounces. Today, as I write, she is 11 years old and weighs over 80 pounds. All of the materials for this dramatic increase in size have come from the […]

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  • "What's Up, Doc?" -- A Creative Way to Promote Veggies

    “What’s Up, Doc?” — A Creative Way to Promote Veggies

    Pass the carrots. Chuck Jones, the creator of Bugs Bunny, recently died at age 89. I asked my kids to each munch a carrot in honor of the passing of this man who did so much work that kids have enjoyed.

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  • Vegetarian Diet and Kids

    Vegetarian Diet and Kids

    This week in chat, a mother asked an increasingly common question, “I am wondering what to do about my 7 year old who will not eat any meat or poultry.  She has it in her mind that it is mean to kill animals and eat them.” As a child grows, we want to support her […]

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  • DHA & ARA: A Personal Story

    DHA & ARA: A Personal Story

    I was scheduled to appear on National Public Radio to discuss an exciting development for babies: for the first time DHA and ARA have been added to an infant formula in the US. As the moment approached, I once again read the scientific literature leading up to this advance (such as a recent study funded […]

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  • DHA and ARA Added to US Formula for the First Time

    DHA and ARA Added to US Formula for the First Time

    January 10, 2002 saw the launch of the first and only infant formula in the US to contain DHA and ARA. I have been calling for these ingredients in US formulas here at since 1996. These nutrients are naturally found in breast milk and have been shown to support infant mental and visual development.

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  • Folic Acid

    Folic Acid

    Women who take folate during pregnancy appear to reduce the chances that their children will later develop acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). A study published in the December 8, 2001 issue of The Lancet found that children whose mothers did not take supplemental folate during pregnancy were more than 2.5 times more likely to eventually develop […]

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  • Is Organic Food Really Better for Kids?

    Is Organic Food Really Better for Kids?

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is charged with evaluating pesticides and setting “acceptable risk” levels of exposure. EPA’s tests have largely been conducted on fully grown adult men or non-human animal species, exposing them to one chemical at a time. Evidence now shows that chemicals in combination — the way we are usually exposed to […]

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  • Organic a Choice for our Children

    Organic a Choice for our Children

    As parents, we want to feed our children healthy food. What parent would turn down the chance to give a child delicious, healthy food that is convenient, a good money value, that the child loves – and then responds with a, “Thank you, Mommy, that was great! May I help clean up?”

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