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  • It Takes a Village, but what if you don’t have one?

    It Takes a Village, but what if you don’t have one?

    We live in California with our 18-month old. Our closest family is 2,500 miles away in Atlanta. Thank god for Skype. I can summarize it in 2 words: It’s hard.

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  • sleep chart

    Put Your Baby on a Schedule? Yes

    “Put my baby on a schedule? You can’t be serious… like an Army cadet at boot camp?” Not exactly. I believe in a loose schedule of sorts. More like a structured routine. Why? Because, much like adults, babies thrive on predictability.

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  • Is Circumcision Cosmetic Surgery?

    Is Circumcision Cosmetic Surgery?

    (Photo: Anti-circumcision protestors at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco) I was at a doctor’s appointment last week when I ran into a group of protestors outside the hospital – near the door to the maternity ward.

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  • Breast Milk’s Subtle Flavor Magic

    Breast Milk’s Subtle Flavor Magic

    Interestingly, babies tend to suck more vigorously when a new flavor is introduced into their mothers’ diet (even if the mothers don’t notice the change in nursing, researchers can measure it). The babies’ bodies seem eager to learn new flavors. When that flavor has been repeated a few times, nursing returns to normal, suggesting that […]

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  • When Does the Flavor Hit Breast Milk?

    When Does the Flavor Hit Breast Milk?

    As you might expect, different flavors appear to take a different amount of time to enter breast milk. In one recent study, researchers gave breastfeeding mothers capsules of banana, caraway seed, licorice, or menthol flavors, and tested their breast milk to see when the flavors arrived and when they left. Banana peaked and was gone […]

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  • Learning Begins At Birth

    Learning Begins At Birth

    If you have ever visited a parenting message board, you’ll be familiar with these questions:

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  • Optimal Cord Clamping and Stem Cells – When to Cut the Cord?

    Optimal Cord Clamping and Stem Cells – When to Cut the Cord?

    What if there were a simple, free, natural way to give your baby a bit better start on the first day of life: Improving blood counts now Reducing the chance of iron deficiency later Improving oxygen levels in the brain Reducing serious bacterial infections Stabilizing blood sugar levels Improving organ growth A growing number of […]

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  • Thinking With Your Own Head

    Thinking With Your Own Head

    Whenever I go shopping, I first make a list of things that I need to buy at home. Even though I’m not overly forgetful, several times I went to the shop without a list and had absolutely no clue what I needed. As a consequence, I bought a bunch of unnecessary things and forgot those […]

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  • Baby Handling in the Past and Now

    Baby Handling in the Past and Now

    When I wrote “Correct Baby Handling and Correct Choice of Appropriate Equipment and Accessories,” we might have marketed with, “Wow, a new handbook for parents on baby handling. This must be the latest, super modern thing. An entirely new invention that every single parent should know about!”

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  • Toxic Chemicals and Babies

    Toxic Chemicals and Babies

    Recent media attention concerning chemicals in baby products has caused much concern and alarm. The No More Toxic Tub report from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a non-profit agency whose goal is to bring attention to harmful chemicals in our skin care products, informs us that many of the baby products that we know, love, […]

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