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  • Infantile Acne

    Infantile Acne

    Dr. Greene, my son is now 17 months and still has a whitehead on his cheek, and he also has blackheads. If he got them from breast-feeding I sure won’t breast-feed the next one. I would really like his…

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  • How Dangerous is Melconium Aspiration

    How Dangerous is Meconium Aspiration?

    What can happen to a baby who inhales meconium?

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  • The Marvels of Melconium

    The Marvels of Meconium

    Dr. Greene, why was my baby born covered with meconium, and can this cause a urinary tract infection? Also, could this have been prevented by delivering the baby sooner, and not going past 40 weeks????? Help!Kimberly

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  • Jaundice & Bilirubin Levels

    Jaundice & Bilirubin Levels

    Dr. Greene, my 6-week old was diagnosed with breastfed jaundice when her bilirubin was taken at one week old. I am supposed to stop breastfeeding her for 24 hours (and give her formula) and am finding her resisting the…

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  • Breastfeeding and Jaundice

    Breastfeeding and Jaundice

    Can breast-feeding cause jaundice?

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  • Safe Bedding to Help Prevent SIDS

    Safe Bedding to Help Prevent SIDS

    The following are the safe bedding recommendations put out by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. The AAP’s published its most recent recommendations in 2005 (Pediatrics 116:1245-1255):

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  • Fast Facts about SIDS

    Fast Facts about SIDS

    SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, is defined as the sudden, unexpected and unexplained death of any infant or young child.

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  • Harlequin Color Change

    Harlequin Color Change

    What’s the harlequin color change?

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  • Harlequin


    Dr. Greene, I have a rather panicked Parent Soup member I’m trying to help out. Her sister gave birth a day ago and shortly afterwards, her baby developed a line down the middle of her face and then her…

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  • Diarrhea and Infants

    Diarrhea and Infants

    Dr. Greene, my baby has been having 4 runny poops each day for the last 5 days (she normally goes once a day). Is this diarrhea? How do you tell diarrhea in a baby? If it is, what should…

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