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  • Real Moms Got Milk?…Post Cards From The Ledge

    Real Moms Got Milk?…Post Cards From The Ledge

    Hours after Alex was delivered by C-Section, I lay gasping on a hospital bed still trying to comprehend how I’d been flayed like a cod fish and robbed of the precious living cargo that had roomed within me for nearly nine months when the nurse arrived with my newborn and jammed his mouth over my […]

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  • Is That a Real Smile or Gas?

    Is That a Real Smile or Gas?

    Around the same time as the peak of the fussy period, most babies start to have a real, joyful, social smile. Again, we see the balance of parenting. By now, babies are clearly tuned in socially. They have started to become fascinated with their own hands, staring at them as they slowly turn them over. […]

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  • Memories


    Babies have a deep body memory. Your baby remembers the foods you ate when you were pregnant. She remembers the foods you ate while nursing her. She will remember the foods she sees you eat now.

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  • Can She Hear Me?

    Can She Hear Me?

    Most babies with hearing loss are not diagnosed until they are 1½ to 3 years old, unless a routine screening hearing test is done. These simple tests are recommended for all babies. However, about 1 out of 3 babies in the U.S. did not receive a screening hearing test during the last full year of […]

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