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  • A Lifetime of Oral Health

    A Lifetime of Oral Health

    One of the most important parts of keeping your child’s mouth healthy is to take that mouth for regular dental visits, at least every 12 months throughout life. Not only will this keep your child’s mouth its healthiest, but the dentist can be the first one to notice the clues of important systemic diseases, even […]

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  • Saving a Lost Tooth

    Saving a Lost Tooth

    My daughter was recently hit in the face and lost a permanent tooth. Is there anything we could have done to save the tooth?

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  • Infants and Thrush

    Infants and Thrush

    My son Alex who is 6 months old seems to be getting his second case of thrush, his first case was about 2 months ago then about two weeks ago he had a small rash on his back which…

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  • Ankyloglossia

    Ankyloglossia (Tongue-Tie)

    What is a tongue-tie? Will it go away on its own?

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  • Natal Teeth

    Natal Teeth

    What are natal teeth?

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  • Preventing Tooth Decay in Infants

    Preventing Tooth Decay in Infants

    How can I prevent tooth decay when bottle feeding my baby?

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  • Pacifiers


    With so many pacifiers in the market, which one is best for my baby? What is an orthodontic pacifier and how is it different from other pacifiers? Is it better than the rest?

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  • Baby crying from teething pain

    Benzocaine Teething Gels

    My little boy is having a really hard time with teething pain. Is it safe to use benzocaine gel on my baby’s gums?

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  • Teething Pain

    Teething Pain

    Dr. Greene, what can I do for the real bad teething times? My little girl did really well with some of her teeth, but she is in a lot of pain now. Wakes up every 2 hours and can…

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  • Geographic Tongue

    Geographic Tongue

    Dr. Greene’s HouseCalls have been a great help to me. Just finding out more about things I have questions about is informative and helpful to me with a 6-year-old, a 10-month-old, and a baby on the way. The information…

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