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  • Children and Stress

    Children and Stress

    Kids lead a stressful life. When babies, they are constantly learning – crawling, walking, talking – and as they become older, they are taking tests, dealing with everyday social issues and the emerging hormones.

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  • drgblogautism-linked

    Autism Linked to Prenatal Prozac, Paxil, and Zoloft?

    Autism diagnoses have increased rapidly over the last two decades; so has the number of women taking antidepressants during pregnancy – from somewhere between 1% and 6% in the early 1990s to 7-13% more recently. The most common antidepressants alter serotonin levels; children with autism tend to have atypical serotonin levels in their blood. Antidepressants […]

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  • Bucket List

    Bucket List

    The Greene family performed together in John Muir’s Mt. Days. Back row, Cheryl Greene. Middle row, from left, Alan, Claire, Garrett,and Kevin Greene. Front row, Austin Greene My father had two things on his bucket list. —  he wanted to own a Cadillac and to go to Hawaii. In his early 70s he proudly bought […]

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  • The Grace in Gathering

    The Grace in Gathering

    “I do not at all understand the mystery of grace – only that it meets us where we are but does not leave us where it found us.” – Anne Lamott I love the simplicity of venturing out every week to the local CSA farm where we get our produce.

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  • Minding the Chatter Clears Clutter

    Minding the Chatter Clears Clutter

    “There is nothing either good nor bad, but thinking makes it so.” –Shakespeare, Hamlet Have you ever stopped whatever you were doing to simply observe your thoughts? Yes, to do nothing else but watch the nonstop activity of the mind without doing anything to fix or change what’s going on in there?

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  • Self-Care and Clutter Clearing Go Together: Ten Ways to Lighten Up by Feeling Good

    Self-Care and Clutter Clearing Go Together: Ten Ways to Lighten Up by Feeling Good

    “I live by the truth that ‘No’ is a complete sentence. I rest as a spiritual act.”–Anne Lamott, O Magazine Most of us think of caring for ourselves as an extra-curricular activity. Something we squeeze into our lives at the end of the day. Or when everyone else in the family is taken care of. […]

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  • Your Biggest Weakness can Become your Greatest Strength

    Your Biggest Weakness can Become your Greatest Strength

    I have incredible confidence, but for the most part it’s incredibly quiet confidence, borne of a life spent in pain and taking every day and every accomplishment as a personal, private victory.

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  • Being Different is Good

    Being Different is Good

    If you can’t hide it, embrace it. From fairly early on after being diagnosed with Arthritis, my joints started to change. I used to get embarrassed at people looking at my hands – they look like an 80-year-old woman’s hands. A newspaper reporter once wrote in what was actually a lovely article written about me, […]

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  • Good Help is Not Hard to Find – You Just Have to Ask

    Good Help is Not Hard to Find – You Just Have to Ask

    I’m short, so I have to ask for help at the grocery store when the item I want is on the top shelf. Is there any reason to feel embarrassed or silly about having to ask for assistance in reaching something? Not at all. So why should I feel embarrassed when asking for help with […]

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  • pain

    Everyone’s Pain is His or Her Own

    Pain is an interesting phenomenon to me. Isn’t it a fascinating self-protection measure that we cannot truly recall extreme pain once it has abated? From the raw pain of recovery from a surgery to cut a bone out of my wrist to natural childbirth, once the event has passed I will only know that it […]

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