November 8, 2013
    Fear Less

    I started this experiment in fear facing over a month ago and today when I am facing writer’s block on writing about fear, it is partially because I’m not scared of much right now. So, mission acc…

    Fear of Bigness
    November 7, 2013
    Fear of Bigness

    This one is an emotional one. I was trying to think back the other day on where my fear of success might come from. I hit some pretty scary skeletons, and since we all have a similar story, I’ll sha…

    fear of lipstick
    November 6, 2013
    Fear of Lipstick

    I am hyper aware that taking the challenge of swimming in the dark night water is a much different fear than being afraid of lipstick, yet these two things live side by side inside of me. I won’t sp…

    aging fear
    November 5, 2013
    Fear of Aging

    I had a birthday recently and to be trite and predictable, I had to admit I have a fear of aging. I tend to live a pretty full life, but there is more where that comes from, thank you very much, and I…

    Child and old lady rubbing noses. It used to be that we died at home.
    October 21, 2013
    It Used to be that We Died at Home

      In the days before medicine advanced enough to fix organs and enable us live ever longer, it would’ve been considered a betrayal of family to let a loved one live out their lives in the compa…

    Celebrating small pleasures
    October 18, 2013
    Unexpected result of end of life wishes: Celebrating small pleasures

    Little did I imagine, when I embarked on my journey to understand end of life medical interventions, that I’d have to think hard about what made me happy in life. Off the top of my head, my children…

    Two mothers and two daughters go shoe shopping
    October 17, 2013
    Two mothers and two daughters go shoe shopping….

    They each bought shoes and come home with three pairs. How can this be? If you haven’t heard it or figured it out: a mother her daughter and her daughter’s daughter aka granddaughter. Two mothers:…

    93 year old fashion consultant
    October 14, 2013
    93-year old fashion consultant: my father-in-law

    There’s only one grandparent left in our family – my 93-year old father-in-law. A former tailor, with all his wits still about him and a mischievous sense of humor, he’s the go-to guy when our d…

    The Power of Two
    September 27, 2013
    The Power of Two

    Back in our younger days, before texting and children and time that just won’t stand still, my husband often left little notes for me tucked into unusual places. He has always traveled frequently fo…

    Raising Stand-Up Kids
    September 26, 2013
    Raising Stand Up Kids

    I sigh in frustration with each instance of bullying that makes the news. Whether or not the end result includes a loss, if it’s newsworthy, it’s tragic in one way or another. I can’t help but w…

    Letting Go
    September 25, 2013
    Letting Go: A Mother’s Challenge

    I’m fun (most of the time). I’m organized (sometimes to a fault). And I’m mellow (which sometimes leads to lazy mornings that never end). But I am not good at change. My babies have grown by lea…

    Self-Confidence Matters
    September 24, 2013
    Self-Confidence Matters

    Shy, a little bit anxious, and afraid to make waves, I was never self-confident as a child. I second-guessed almost every thought that crossed my mind and was paralyzed in the face of decisions, both …

    Close-up of a boy looking out a window on a rainy day
    September 23, 2013
    Boys Cry, Too

    The urge to protect a child, to hold them close and fend off any and all potential threats, is one of the most primal urges in parenting. It’s part of what makes us parents. We brought them into thi…

    Our Constant Companion
    August 9, 2013
    Change, Our Constant Companion

    "I wonder why progress looks so much like destruction." -John Steinbeck We constantly remind families that whenever they embark on a new path, things can get worse before they get better. In a classic…

    Riding the Emotional Rollercoaster
    August 8, 2013
    Riding the Emotional Rollercoaster

    Dealing with emotions-our own and those of our kids and partners-can be one of the more painful, frustrating, and ultimately fulfilling parts of being in a family. After the groundbreaking classic bes…

    We would be close
    August 7, 2013
    We Would Be Close…If We Only Had the Time

    “What greater thing is there for human souls than to feel that they are joined for life—to be with each other in silent unspeakable memories. –George Eliot The wish to seek and have a deep sense…

    Keys to Happy Family
    August 6, 2013
    10 Keys to a Happy, Loving Family

    When we had our first child thirty years ago, we were both licensed and trained psychotherapists. Even with all our education in early childhood development and psychology, we were unprepared for how …

    The Most Important Gift You Can Give Your Child
    August 5, 2013
    The Most Important Gift You Can Give Your Child

    “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”   -Leo Tolstoy Most people want to be the very best parents they can. That’s why baby books fly off the shelves, a…

    How to Combat Loneliness as a New Mom
    April 19, 2013
    How to Combat Loneliness as a New Mom

    After the excitement of birth and bringing home the new baby, it’s not unusual for moms to suddenly feel extreme loneliness in their new roles as parent. After all, taking care of a baby is tiring a…

    Laugh and the Whole World Laughs with You!
    December 28, 2012
    Laugh and the Whole World Laughs with You!

    It seems that laughing can be contagious.  Have you ever found yourself laughing after you see someone else laughing?  You don’t know why you are laughing but just seeing someone laugh can cause y…