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  • Mom Burnout

    3 Causes of Mom Burnout

    It’s not just all that hard work and those daily battles wearing you out. You NEED time for yourself. You know you do. And sometimes, you even get a little — but not nearly as much as you wish or need. Mostly you are just really busy being that person everyone else relies on so […]

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  • Happy Mornings

    The Art of Happy Mornings

    I really love mornings. I love the newness of the day, the opportunity — the chance to get it all right, for once. And I love the coffee. But what I don’t love is when the really early alarm goes off — and by alarm I really mean just a tap, tap, tap on your […]

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  • The Gift of Presence

    What the Holidays Mean to Me: The Gift of Presence

    Depending on your stage in life, the biggest part of the holidays can be the presents or your presence. Children are anxious to wake-up and see what presents are under the tree, while elderly people are simply happy to be in the presence of their children. Many adults, like myself wear several hats in their […]

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    Holidays in “Blended Families”: Making Holidays Ties That Bind, not Ties That Break

    Scheduling, Scheduling, Scheduling. What Are We to Do? Stepfamilies include at least one parent in another household. This fact can make holiday scheduling daunting. Because both mom and dad want to be with their children, tension between ex-spouses over these arrangements can ruin many a holiday for post-divorce children. Most children care much more about […]

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  • Realistic Health Resolutions and Goals

    Setting Realistic Health Resolutions and Goals

    Many people are already making their New Year’s resolutions and thinking, “this time I’m going to stick with it.” So often however, our resolutions go the way side within a few weeks. In one survey, 45 percent of those who set New Year’s resolutions had broken them before February. How do we avoid this burnout? […]

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  • Children Stress Free Christmas

    8 Tips for Keeping Your Children Stress Free This Christmas Season

    Holiday season is right on top of us. Even though stores were playing Christmas music and putting out Christmas decorations before Halloween, it isn’t officially what I would consider “Christmas” until the day after Thanksgiving. Along with the Christmas carols, Christmas baking, stressing over holiday budgets and shopping comes STRESS! Often adults think they are […]

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  • Avoiding Overeating

    Tips for Avoiding Overeating During the Holidays

    Here come the holidays and with them comes food, food and more food. If you believe the old saying, “through the lips and onto the hips”, you’re probably already stressing out over how you’re going to control the temptation of the constant barrage of goodies that comes along with the holiday season. One of the […]

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  • FearLess

    Fear Less

    I started this experiment in fear facing over a month ago and today when I am facing writer’s block on writing about fear, it is partially because I’m not scared of much right now. So, mission accomplished?? I’ll let you know. I don’t know the half-life of my fear-facing batteries. There are still things I […]

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  • Fear of Bigness

    Fear of Bigness

    This one is an emotional one. I was trying to think back the other day on where my fear of success might come from. I hit some pretty scary skeletons, and since we all have a similar story, I’ll share mine with you. When I was little, I remembered three distinct times where I was […]

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  • fear of lipstick

    Fear of Lipstick

    I am hyper aware that taking the challenge of swimming in the dark night water is a much different fear than being afraid of lipstick, yet these two things live side by side inside of me. I won’t spend any mental energy thinking about how they might be related, but I will take a break […]

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