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  • Mother Healer Champion

    Mother, Healer, Champion

    “Am I a bad mom?” I grew up witness to motherhood as simultaneously fierce and beautiful, gentle and brave. I also bore witness to how few people seemed to recognize the power and grace of the profession. People frequently attacked my mom for what they described as her poor mothering. They often did this in […]

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  • Motherhood Enduring

    Enduring Motherhood? Motherhood Enduring!

    Choose wisely for now and later Early in my career, I was blessed to have some amazing managers. One in particular left me with words that deeply impacted both my professional and personal lives. This manager was both a mother and on-the-job powerhouse. I looked up to her and took it seriously when she took […]

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  • Motherhood Translated

    Motherhood Translated

    Is mothering really work? A judge once asked my dad where my mom worked. My dad dismissively replied that she didn’t work. She just stayed home with the kids. Incredulous, the judge questioned his assessment that raising four kids wasn’t work, stating my dad truly spoke like one who’d never spent much time with kids. […]

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  • Mommy v Mother

    Mommy v. Mother

    The making of a “mommy blogger” I am “Mommy.” I love being called “Mommy” by my four-year-old son as much as I don’t love being called that by anyone else. Strangers only rarely refer to me this way offline, but do so frequently online. I first noticed this when my blogs started gravitating away from […]

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  • Nurturing-power

    Motherhood: Nurturing Power

    Dreaming about the future eased some of the pain of a rocky childhood. Instead of worrying if my family would have food, if we’d be able to keep warm, or if my dad would be in a good mood when we saw him, I thought of all the things I would someday become: astronaut, doctor, […]

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  • childs quirks

    3 Ways to Love your Child’s Quirks

    My daughter has a big, powerful voice. My other daughter likes to do things better than everyone else. These are personality quirks that are often the source of conversations around our house. Conversations about trying harder to not upset others. Once I realized that these “issues” we were constantly addressing were really just interesting ways […]

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  • Coping

    Coping with the Crying

    She’s not fine, I thought. She keeps crying. I’m doing something wrong. I have no idea what to do. These are the things I remember thinking in the first few months of my twin daughters’ lives. Motherhood was instantly not at all what I thought it would be. I thought my children wouldn’t cry that […]

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  • mom melt

    Avoiding a Mommy Meltdown

    We’ve all been there. A really, really long day. The children haven’t been listening or they have been fighting or crying non-stop. And we haven’t had a chance to take care of ourselves. The little things that poke at our patience start to add up. We start to question what we’re doing wrong. We start […]

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  • Mom Burnout

    3 Causes of Mom Burnout

    It’s not just all that hard work and those daily battles wearing you out. You NEED time for yourself. You know you do. And sometimes, you even get a little — but not nearly as much as you wish or need. Mostly you are just really busy being that person everyone else relies on so […]

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  • Happy Mornings

    The Art of Happy Mornings

    I really love mornings. I love the newness of the day, the opportunity — the chance to get it all right, for once. And I love the coffee. But what I don’t love is when the really early alarm goes off — and by alarm I really mean just a tap, tap, tap on your […]

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