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  • When Teens Are Depressed

    When Teens Are Depressed

    About 5 percent of children become clinically depressed at some point during the transition to adulthood. Depression is a burden both for the adolescents and their families and carries a number of risks, including teen suicide. Results of a major clinical study, funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), appear in the October […]

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  • Help for OCD

    Help for OCD

    At moments of stress, such as getting ready for bed or for school, some kids feel the need to touch certain objects, say certain words, or to wash and wash their hands. Some children have an overwhelming desire for sameness. For some, their thoughts keep returning to lurking fears, such as something bad is about […]

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  • A Must for Children with ADHD

    A Must for Children with ADHD

    A recent study has changed my thinking about ADHD, and I hope it changes the way that all children with ADHD are evaluated and treated. And that parents are treated. Parents deserve better understanding and support than they traditionally get. Dr. Andrea Chronis and her team at the University of Maryland make a compelling argument […]

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  • Help for Depressed Children

    Help for Depressed Children

    About 69 percent of depressed children, aged 6 to 17, improved significantly while taking Zoloft for their depression, according to a study published in the August 27, 2003 JAMA, but data from the study suggests to me that another option may be an even better choice for some children. Zoloft is manufactured by Pfizer. I’m […]

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