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  • Breakthrough Test for Down Syndrome

    Breakthrough Test for Down Syndrome

    A new technique could revolutionize the diagnosis of Down syndrome in a way that mothers will love. All it takes is 1/2 tsp of the mother’s blood for stunningly accurate results. Then Not long ago the plan was for every pregnant woman over the age of 35 to be offered amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling […]

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  • Down Syndrome Testing and Vegetarians

    Down Syndrome Testing and Vegetarians

    Pregnant women who are vegetarians may be unnecessarily worried by prenatal screening tests, according to a study from the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taipei. The study followed the pregnancies of more than 200 women, half of them vegetarians.  Results were published in the February 2004 American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Beta HCG, the […]

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  • Can She Hear Me?

    Can She Hear Me?

    Most babies with hearing loss are not diagnosed until they are 1½ to 3 years old, unless a routine screening hearing test is done. These simple tests are recommended for all babies. However, about 1 out of 3 babies in the U.S. did not receive a screening hearing test during the last full year of […]

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  • Cheap Genetic Testing At Home?

    Cheap Genetic Testing At Home?

    A brilliant idea may bring expensive medical tests into reach using nothing more exotic than home computer with a CD drive. Up until now, many specific protein tests have relied on $100,000 fluorescent protein readers.

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  • X Ray or CT Scan

    X-Ray or a CT Scan?

    You also mentioned that: Preliminary evidence suggests that after head trauma, the most important children to undergo CT scan include those under two, those in bicycle accidents, those who are dizzy, who have changes in behavior or vision, and…

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  • Who Should Receive a CT Scan?

    Who Should Receive a CT Scan?

    According to your website, at the AAP meeting, evidence was presented suggesting that among the many children who receive CTs in the ER after head trauma, only seven percent actually have an injury inside the skull. So, how…

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  • Who are Radiologists?

    Who are Radiologists?

    Your suggested question from a parent to a doctor is “Will a radiologist be involved in my child’s CT scan?” Why is this question important and what kind of answers should a parent expect?

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  • When Should a CT Scan be Preformed

    When should a CT Scan be Performed?

    Under what circumstances do we opt for CT Scans then?

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  • When Are MRIs Not Practical

    When are MRIs not practical?

    You mentioned that, MRIs are almost always preferable to CTs for imaging the head, and usually for the spine, except during trauma or when MRIs are not practical – such as when there are metal clips on the head….

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  • Other Radiation Exposures

    Other Radiation Exposures

    What other information should parents know to ensure that their children are safe from harm?

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