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  • Yes, It Is Cancer: The Importance of Persistence

    Yes, It Is Cancer: The Importance of Persistence

    When I hit my 40s, I was happy, healthy and very, very busy. I was a caretaker for someone I loved. I was writing books. I took up golf, learned about scuba diving and participated in my first triathlon, doing lots of TV work, creating my clothing lines… I was really living life, taking care […]

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  • Early Puberty

    Early Puberty: A-to-Z Guide from Diagnosis to Treatment to Prevention

    Related concepts: Precocious puberty Introduction to early puberty: When childhood is ending, it often feels like it has all gone by too fast. It’s bittersweet watching our children’s bodies change into those of young men and women. How much more poignant when puberty arrives earlier than expected!

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  • The D3 Cycle

    The D3 Cycle

    Hello, my 8-year-old daughter has been suffering from upper abdominal pain for 3 months. She says the pain is right above the navel and to the right about an inch. What worries me is that she also has a…

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  • Diagnosing Head Lice

    Diagnosing Head Lice

    I think my child has head lice. I keep my house clean, but I’m embarrassed and afraid other people will think it’s my fault. How can I check without going to the doctor?

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  • qabreast lumps

    Breast Lumps

    Dr. Greene, my 12-year-old son has a sore lump directly under his nipple. Could this be puberty related? This lump is tiny and hard and underneath the skin of the nipple. Thanks for your help!
    Alberta, Canada

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  • Hemihypertrophy & Hemihyperplasia

    Hemihypertrophy & Hemihyperplasia

    Hi, Dr. Greene, I’m hoping that you can help me find some information on the subject of hemihypertrophy. Like I told you in chat, my darling daughter Jemma was diagnosed at the age of 4 months. She is now…

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  • Diagnosing Pertussis

    Diagnosing Pertussis

    How is whooping cough diagnosed?

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  • Lymph Nodes

    Lymph Nodes

    Dr. Greene, our 7 month old daughter Elise has had swollen lymph glands in the back of her neck and head for about 3 months. They said that she could be getting over an infection (she has only been…

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  • Migraines


    Dr. Greene, our son Andrew has been having frequent severe headaches. What exactly are migraines? What can be done about them?
    The Halverstadts – California

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  • Can Febrile Seizures be Prevented?

    Can Febrile Seizures be Prevented?

    My 18-month-old son recently had a simple febrile seizure. I had no idea what was happening. It was terrifying! His doctor says that he’s all right now, but I’m still worried about lasting brain damage. I also feel guilty…

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