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  • Breakthrough Test for Down Syndrome

    Breakthrough Test for Down Syndrome

    A new technique could revolutionize the diagnosis of Down syndrome in a way that mothers will love. All it takes is 1/2 tsp of the mother’s blood for stunningly accurate results. Then Not long ago the plan was for every pregnant woman over the age of 35 to be offered amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling […]

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  • Tonsil Removal

    Tonsil Removal

    My child has a lot of throat infections. Should his tonsils be removed?

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  • Emergency Medical Test for Appendicitis

    Emergency Medical Test for Appendicitis

    Your child is doubled over in pain. Concern has brought you both to the Emergency Room, but after initial evaluation, the situation still isn’t clear. Is this appendicitis or not? An exciting report in the September 15, 1999 Journal of the American Medical Association describes a new test that can answer the question without either […]

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  • Tongue-Tie and Surgery

    Tongue-Tie and Surgery

    Dr. Greene, my 2 1/2-year-old son is tongue-tied (the skin under his tongue comes to the very tip of his tongue). I have seen several doctors regarding this issue, but none feel that it is necessary to surgically correct…

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  • Making Blood Draws Easier for Kids

    Making Blood Draws Easier for Kids

    I’m the parent of a 2 year old child with biliary atresia. Kids with liver disease are subjected to frequent blood draws. Do you have any tips for parents on how to make them as bearable as possible? In…

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