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  • Traveling with Food Allergies: Your New Normal

    Traveling with Food Allergies: Your New Normal

    Our lives revolve around food. We need nourishment to be healthy, for our bodies to function and grow, and food also brings us emotional happiness. Sharing food traditions is very important to many families. But when a food allergy enters the picture, it’s akin to an earthquake hitting that huge part of our lives. Our […]

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  • Mumps and Airplanes

    Mumps and Airplanes

    The CDC issued a notice on April 11, 2006 about 9 different commercial air flights in the US occurring in late March and early April where infected passengers may have been contagious, passing mumps to fellow travelers who might not have developed symptoms yet. It’s a vivid reminder that our increasing connectedness can allow infections […]

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  • Airplanes, Oxygen, and Children

    Airplanes, Oxygen, and Children

    In just a few hours, I will be boarding another airplane. Typically, commercial airplanes fly at an altitude of about 38,000 feet. The cabin is pressurized to make it safe and comfortable at that extreme altitude – but this does not make breathing in an airplane the same as breathing on the ground. Most people […]

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  • Seatbelts: A Family Affair

    Seatbelts: A Family Affair

      I don’t want to be a projectile weapon. Most of us know that seatbelts and car seats protect the people using these safety devices. But they also protect others in the car. Unrestrained passengers risk not only their own lives, but also the lives of other people. Collisions can catapult unrestrained occupants passengers in […]

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  • Tips for Car Travel with Toddlers

    Tips for Car Travel with Toddlers

    Try to stay as close as possible to your normal routine in terms of meal times and sleeping times.

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