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  • Blocking Mosquitoes and Ticks 2010

    Blocking Mosquitoes and Ticks

    Five bug repellents scored high marks for preventing bites, but three common choices didn’t make the grade in 2014 testing by Consumer Reports. As a parent and pediatrician, I want a mosquito and tick repellent that is safe, effective, and easy to use. It also helps if it doesn’t smell like bug spray.

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  • Bug Off

    Bug Off

    More infants and children are bitten by mosquitoes than by any other insect. But parents often don’t notice the bites on babies and young children because they don’t look like they do on teens and adults.

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  • Natural Insect Repellant Alternatives

    Natural Insect Repellant Alternatives

    Because West Nile virus has made preventing mosquito bites more important in the United States, and because some insecticides are toxic, people have become increasingly concerned with finding gentle and effective solutions at preventing mosquito bites. DEET is the most effective ingredient at preventing mosquito bites. It does not kill mosquitoes, but repels them, discouraging […]

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  • Mad Cow and the Family Pet

    Mad Cow and the Family Pet

    Enjoying pets can be a wonderful part of family life. Besides being beloved companions, pets can help children learn empathy, responsibility, and can help their immune systems learn how to minimize allergies. But since the mad cow scare in the U.S., many parents have been wondering if their pets are safe.

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  • Allergies to Dust

    Allergies to Dust

    Many children are allergic to house dust. But what is it in dust that they are allergic to? Much of dust is made up of flakes of our old skin. By itself this isn’t a problem, but as we’ve known for a while, many children are allergic to the house dust mite, a tiny creature […]

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