Infectious Disease Related Articles & Blog Posts

  • The Role of Vitamin D in Fighting Infectious Diseases

    The Role of Vitamin D in Fighting Infectious Diseases

    Vitamin D has at least two ways of reducing the risk of infectious diseases. One is through strengthening both the innate and adaptive immune systems, the other is through reducing inflammatory responses to infection. The “innate immune system”responds to threats in a non-specific manner. The “adaptive immune system” can recognize and deal with specific threats […]

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  • Take Action: Be A Citizen

    Take Action: Be A Citizen

    So what can you do to help stop the misuse of antibiotics and prevent the growth of superbugs?

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  • What's a Superbug?

    What’s a Superbug?

    Yesterday I introduced some pretty scary statistics about antibiotic resistance and today I want to go into more depth about how it all works.

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  • It's That Season Again

    It’s That Season Again

    It’s that season again — cold & flu! We all know some germs need to be killed (Only some, you say? Find out why we shouldn’t kill all germs from Dr. Greene). Find out what products Pure Natural Diva uses in this informative video.

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  • How long is Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease Contagious for?

    How long is Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease Contagious?

    We just figured out the boys both have Hand/Foot/Mouth disease which is no big deal.  The issue is that Chantal’s mom just came home from the hospital after having total knee replacement surgery on Monday.  Should we ALL stay…

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  • A gem: Vitamin D and Flu Season

    A gem: Vitamin D and Flu Season

    Modern kids tend to spend much less time outdoors than kids did a few generations ago – and that change could make a particularly big difference in the winter months, with today’s kids often not making the amount of vitamin D they need for optimum health.  Some have observed that kids who don’t get enough […]

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  • The History of Germs

    The History of Germs

    In our life time the role of germs in infection has been an accepted fact, but it wasn’t always so. Before this important discovery life was very different. I’ve narrated this informative video to tell the story of how germs were discovered and a recent development that makes fighting them safer than ever before.

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  • Probiotics: Powerful Prevention?

    Probiotics: Powerful Prevention?

    What if there were a simple way that you could drop the number of coughs, colds, and fevers your child gets this school year by more than half? And when your child does get sick, what if you could cut the length of the illness in half? What if you could slash the odds that […]

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  • F-Throat Part 2

    F-Throat Part 2

    In the video below I discuss how to treat what I call F-Throat, or a sore throat caused by Fusobacterium necrophorum.  It’s an important health topic that you should know about, especially if you or someone you love is between the ages of 15 – 30.

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  • F-Throat Part 1

    F-Throat Part 1

    What I call F-Throat, a sore throat caused by Fusobacterium necrophorum, is a common, important, treatable illness — but because it doesn’t show up on a strep test, it’s usually missed. Knowing about it could save a life.

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