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  • Large Anterior Fontanels

    Large Anterior Fontanels

    Are there any conditions associated with larger than normal anterior fontanels?

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  • Anterior Fontanel (Soft Spot)

    Anterior Fontanel (Soft Spot)

    My son has the biggest anterior fontanel I have ever felt (I have felt thousands!!!!!). My pedi says he is not too concerned. I am not either, but my doctor does make me nervous by telling me he wants…

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  • Anterior Fontanel

    Anterior Fontanel

    What’s an anterior fontanel?

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  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Treatment

    Gastroesophageal Reflux Treatment

    Dr. Greene, our pediatrician prescribed Propulsid and Zantac for a case of infant reflux. My baby is only six weeks old. I’m concerned about any possible side effects. Is this a common prescription for infants diagnosed with reflux? Are…

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  • Honey and Infant Botulism

    Honey and Infant Botulism

    My daughter is now 7 months old. I have been adding locally produced honey to my daughter’s food to help with her allergies. In my opinion, this has decreased her allergy like symptoms. My wife and I have had…

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  • Azithromycin and Infants

    Azithromycin and Infants

    Why isn’t azithromycin supposed to be given to infants? I thought it was safe because of its low levels of side effects.

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  • The Jaundice / Azithromycin Link

    The Jaundice / Azithromycin Link

    I want to know about the topic “azithromycin toxicity in newborn” and “azithromycin toxicity in lactating women”. My uncle’s 57 day old child is suffering from severe jaundice. They had come from Kerala, India to Madras for a check…

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  • Cleaning the Penis with Intact Foreskin

    Cleaning the Penis with Intact Foreskin

    My 19 month-old son was not circumcised at birth at my husband’s request. I am the one that gives him his bath, and mostly change his diapers every day but I never do anything specific to clean his penis….

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  • Normal Growth

    Normal Growth

    My question concerns my daughter’s size and growth. Siobhan was born weighing 7 pounds, 6 ounces, which is average, as I understand. She is now 12 months old and only weighs 17.5 pounds. At every checkup, her height falls…

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  • Breast Buds

    Breast Buds

    I have read that newborns (boys and girls) may secrete drops of milk from their nipples as a result of the hormones in their mother’s breast milk. My 3 week old baby girl has not produced drops of milk,…

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