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  • White Noise and Sleep

    White Noise and Sleep

    While some of the tips I’m suggesting require mom and dad to make sacrifices – Like Watching Baby’s Diet – I’m convinced that any effort you make to keep your baby and toddler healthy and happy pay off in the number of hours of sleep you will get. Here are two more tips.

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  • Rock-a-bye Baby - Sweet Dreams and Goodnight

    Rock-a-bye Baby – Sweet Dreams and Goodnight

    I don’t want anyone to think I’m an expert on this topic at all… so consider yourself warned. When Marc was first home from the hospital, I didn’t think too much of the first night or two. I was used to not getting much sleep but this getting up every three hours wasn’t fun. 

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  • 3 Things Not To Do When Getting Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night

    3 Things Not To Do (When Getting Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night)

    There is a lot of information (and opinion) about how to get your infant to sleep through the night. Cry it out/don’t cry it out, rocking/no rocking, co-sleeping/crib sleeping, white noise/no noise, breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. Everyone has an idea about what works. Like I said earlier, there is very little data to support one technique […]

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  • How Much Sleep is Needed?

    How Much Sleep is Needed?

    I’m asked almost everyday by some concerned parent whether their child is sleeping enough or too much. That’s not a simple answer and varies from child to child and even from day to day.

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  • Sleep When the Baby Sleeps!

    Sleep When the Baby Sleeps!

    You may be more exhausted than you have ever been. Whenever people are sleep deprived they are more subject to swings of emotion and to feelings of inadequacy. This, by itself, is enough to cause a blue period (ask any practicing pediatrician).

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  • Swaddling and Sleep

    Swaddling and Sleep

    To reduce crying in irritable babies and to prolong sleep in babies who seem to wake up all the time, parents in many parts of the world swaddle their babies when putting them down to sleep. This custom of wrapping babies snugly in light cloths or sheets has been used for centuries. Researchers at the […]

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  • SIDS Prevention and Flat Heads

    SIDS Prevention and Flat Heads

    The same “Back to Sleep” campaign that has dramatically decreased the rate of SIDS has also resulted in an increasing number of babies with flat skull areas, usually on one side of the back of the head. The benefits of sleeping on the back far outweigh the often-preventable short-term cosmetic issues.

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