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  • Big Heads & Baby Falls

    Big Heads & Baby Falls

    Falling Down: Infants and Small Children Most parents are surprised at the ease with which small children can fall from beds, changing tables, and high chairs.  Even before they can roll over, they have a remarkable knack for propelling themselves off an elevated surface to land, thud, on the floor.  Cats land on their feet.  […]

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  • Delayed Physical Development

    Delayed Physical Development

    My 11-month-old weighs 27 pounds and can sit upright, but he cannot sit himself up or crawl and he isn’t trying to stand yet. He moves across the floor using only his arms, not his legs. The pediatrician has…

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  • Delayed Walking

    Delayed Walking

    My baby is 14 months old and still isn’t walking. She has never actually crawled, but she does scoot on her bottom. Should I be concerned?

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  • Transition from Crib to Bed

    How Do We Get Our Toddler to Say in Bed?

    My son, Jake, is 18 months old and sleeps well all through the night, but we just bought him a new bed which does not block him in his bed. How can we teach him to stay in bed…

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