Infant Health & Safety Related Articles & Blog Posts

  • The Eco-Layette: Safer Fabrics for Your Baby and the Planet

    The Eco-Layette: Safer Fabrics for Your Baby and the Planet

    Dressing newborn babies is a fine art. Getting tiny flailing limbs to shimmy down a long sleeve. Easing a floppy little head through a neck hole. Keeping their infinitesimal socks from falling off their feet. Just when you get it figured out, new tests begin; including the mastery of stain removal and the miraculous feat […]

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  • The Soupy Nursery

    The Soupy Nursery

    There is something going on in nurseries around this country of which unsuspecting new moms and dads are unaware.  Furniture, wall paint, fabric finishes like stain repellants and flame-retardants, and cleaning products all have the potential to send harmful chemicals into the nursery air, slowing turning it into a chemical soup environment.  It sounds scary, […]

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  • SIDS and Sleeping Arrangements

    SIDS and Sleeping Arrangements

    SIDS rates have fallen dramatically since the 1990’s when we learned that putting babies to sleep on their backs could save lives. To understand the SIDS situation today, researchers conducted studies in 20 regions of Europe, analyzing over 60 possible influences on SIDS in over 3,000 babies. The results were published in the January 17, […]

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  • Hot Flashlights

    Hot Flashlights

    In November 2002, thousands of Kidz Club flashlights were recalled by Eveready Battery Co. in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. These multicolored plastic and metal flashlights can overheat enough to cause the batteries to leak and pose a risk of burns to children. The inexpensive flashlights were popular items in discount department […]

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  • To Choke

    To Choke

    Even though only about 160 children die per year from choking, over 17,000 children have choking episodes serious enough to send them to the emergency room, according to the October 25, 2002 issue of the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

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