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  • Surviving Children: Laugh

    Surviving Children: Laugh

    I saved the best post for last!  As a mom of a 4 year old, 2 year old and 8  month old, I learned the value of laughter! Laughter is a good medicine. It balms the soul when the waves of anxiety buffet.  It clears the mind when lists and deadlines loom. It reminds us […]

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  • The Cheapest Baby

    The Cheapest Baby

    A few days ago, I visited one of those enormous baby depots filled with approximately twelve billion useless plastic contraptions.  A friend of mine is expecting and judging by the wish list she handed me, she’s hoping to have at least ten billion of those useless plastic contraptions adorning her home before she delivers the […]

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  • toddlermomfinger

    Immunity – Benefits of Touch & Massage

    Touch is your baby’s most highly developed sense at birth, and was the first sense her brain registered during gestation. Because of this, and because touch is the most ancient sense from an evolutionary perspective, it is known as the mother of the senses. This ancient sense allows you to reassure, nurture and build your […]

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  • Separation Anxiety When Only Mom Will Do

    Separation Anxiety – When Only Mom Will Do

    Many children strongly prefer one parent over every other person in the world for a brief period of time. Usually, they prefer their mothers for a period (ranging in length from approximately one month to several months) during the later part of their first year. During this particular time, her desire for you is especially […]

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