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  • Smiling baby sitting in a highchair eating an avocado

    Starting Solids Without White Rice Cereal?

      I’m sure most of you are familiar with Dr. Greene’s White Out Campaign.  Rice cereal is commonly given to infants as their first food.  Unfortunately this is still suggested by many well meaning individuals, even though there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that rice cereal should never been consumed and particularly should not […]

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  • Dr. Alan Greene discussing teaching your children healthy eating habits

    The Window of Opportunity for Teaching Your Kids Great Eating Habits

    What does mother goose have to do with getting kids to eat right? Researcher Konrad Lorentz showed that by replacing a mother goose with something else as the first thing a baby goose encountered, he could alter the behavior of the baby goose to view that thing (even a toy train!!) as ‘mama’. This phenomenon […]

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  • Starting Solids: An Exciting Reason to Be Thankful

    Starting Solids: An Exciting Reason to Be Thankful

    Last Thanksgiving I announced a bold campaign, spearheaded by an amazing band of volunteers, to upgrade babies’ first foods to real foods – and babies’ first grains to whole grains – and to do this in 2011.

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  • Breast Milk’s Subtle Flavor Magic

    Breast Milk’s Subtle Flavor Magic

    Interestingly, babies tend to suck more vigorously when a new flavor is introduced into their mothers’ diet (even if the mothers don’t notice the change in nursing, researchers can measure it). The babies’ bodies seem eager to learn new flavors. When that flavor has been repeated a few times, nursing returns to normal, suggesting that […]

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  • Dr. Greene’s Parenting Predictions for 2011

    Dr. Greene’s Parenting Predictions for 2011

    I remember being a child and hearing my parents talk about how fast time was moving. Now I’m the parent and I know what they were talking about. But not only is time moving more quickly for us as adults, today things around us are actually changing more quickly. Here are five trends (and a […]

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  • Brown vs. White Rice: A Fork in the Road

    Brown vs. White Rice: A Fork in the Road

    It’s time to change America’s first food. What if white rice helped trigger diabetes and brown rice helped to prevent it, regardless of lifestyle? That’s just what a 2010 Harvard study suggests. Brown rice is a delicious whole food, packed with flavor and with protective nutrients. But all of the sugar-stabilizing fiber and all of […]

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  • There is No Such Thing as Free Infant Formula

    There is No Such Thing as Free Infant Formula

    Most new mothers are inundated with formula samples and coupons everywhere they turn.  Signing up for those free baby magazines can automatically place your name on a mailing list that formula companies use to target new mothers. 

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  • Colic Improved by Probiotics?

    Colic Improved by Probiotics?

    The long crying spasms of colic can be exhausting for parents and babies alike. Because babies with colic have been shown in some studies to have fewer species of beneficial bacteria in their intestines, researchers in Turin, Italy wondered whether giving babies probiotics (beneficial bacteria) might help solve the colic.

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  • Chubby Babies: Is the Baby Fat Here to Stay?

    Chubby Babies: Is the Baby Fat Here to Stay?

    How quickly does being overweight affect health? Overweight babies and toddlers under age 2 already show signs of health problems according to a study in the August 2008, Pediatrics. Those over the 95th percentile in weight (for their height) were more likely to get hospitalized before their second birthday. And more likely to be hospitalized […]

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  • DHA and Allergies, Asthma, or Eczema

    DHA and Allergies, Asthma, or Eczema

    Getting plenty of DHA, one of the important omega-3 fats found in breast milk, could help to prevent allergies, asthma, and eczema in young children. Dr. Eileen Birch, who has previously studied links between DHA and improved mental and visual development, followed 89 formula-fed children who received formula with or without DHA included.

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