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  • Is Organic Food Really Different?

    Is Organic Food Really Different?

    A 2012 analysis estimates that today’s children age 0-5 in the US have lost more than 16 million IQ points from exposure to organophosphate pesticides. They’re exposed to these pesticides almost entirely from our food. Organic foods are grown without the use of toxic synthetic pesticides, antibiotics, artificial hormones, or genetic engineering. They depend on […]

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  • An Organic Dad

    An Organic Dad

    As a father, I have a desire to teach, provide for and protect my children. For me, one way to do all three of these is to choose organic foods for my family. I now know this as a physician, but I first learned it as a father and a husband.

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  • Dr Greenes Organic Rx Item 11 - Wine

    Dr. Greene’s Organic Rx — Bonus Item #11

    BONUS: Organic Wine The Fountain of Youth is a legendary spring, fabled to restore the youth of those who drink from its waters. Some say that Juan Ponce de Leon was searching for it when he discovered Florida. But the legend didn’t start with Juan. Tales of healing elixirs and preserved youth run through human […]

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  • Links Between Chemicals and Health

    Links Between Chemicals and Health

    Choosing organic foods can make a big difference for our children. Industrial agriculture techniques are relatively recent innovations. When my parents were young, the bulk of our food supply was not grown with antibiotics, hormones, or chemical pesticides. Their use became widespread in my lifetime. We are finally beginning to scientifically examine the impact of […]

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  • Organic Lunchbox Challenge

    Organic Lunchbox Challenge

    Students I speak with observe that school food is often either unappetizing (overcooked cafeteria veggies) or unhealthy. Tasty junk food at school has become a magnet for kids across the nation, encouraging nutrition choices that hurt kids now, and build unhealthy habits for the long run.

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