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  • Pneumococcal Vaccine

    Pneumococcal Vaccine

    In 1999, I attended the national meeting of the American Academy of Pediatrics in Washington, D.C. At the opening of the conference, Sarah Long, M.D. announced that the new pneumococcal vaccine would be available in early 2000. I was thrilled!

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  • Ear Infection Vaccine

    Ear Infection Vaccine

    Is there really a vaccine that can prevent ear infections?

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  • Health Revolution in Mexico

    Health Revolution in Mexico

    I sat enthralled at Grand Rounds as I listened to Jose Santos, M.D., Director of the National Vaccine Program for Mexico. While we struggle with the subtleties of further lessening the side effects of vaccines, Mexico is engaged in an enthusiastic, all-out push to immunize their children, resulting in a revolution in that nation’s health.

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  • Rotavirus Vaccine and Intussusception

    Rotavirus Vaccine and Intussusception

    In September 1999, the FDA announced that 99 cases of intussusception (including two deaths) had been reported in possible association with RotaShield. This is a sharp increase from the 15 that had been reported when the vaccine was halted in July.

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  • Is It Empty Nest Time At Your House?

    Is It Empty Nest Time At Your House?

    When your child first packs up and heads off for college, it is a bittersweet moment. How horrible if meningitis were to make the separation permanent. College students get meningitis 2.6 times more often than peers the same age (American Journal of Public Health. 1995;85:843-845).

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  • Measles completely eliminated in USA

    Measles completely eliminated in USA

    When the measles vaccine was first introduced, the number of measles cases plummeted. But a few years ago, new outbreaks prompted a reevaluation of the vaccine. In some people the immunity had faded after only one dose of the vaccine, so the schedule was changed to include a booster dose.

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  • Vaccine Controversy Continues

    Vaccine Controversy Continues

    Today, children routinely receive 21 vaccinations before they even enter kindergarten — more than double what they received even a decade ago. Vaccine fears are at an all time high, intensified by the recall of the rotavirus vaccine and the problem of mercury-containing vaccines.

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  • Fast Facts about Rotaviruses

    Fast Facts about Rotaviruses

    Rotaviruses are the leading cause of both routine vomiting and diarrheal illnesses and of severe, life-threatening diarrhea in every country in the world. Click here to read more about rotaviruses.

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  • Laughing Little Girl

    Rotavirus Virus

    Last spring, my 3-year-old daughter was hospitalized due to dehydration caused by rotavirus. Can you give me some information on this virus and what I can do to prevent her from contracting it again? There is not a lot…

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  • Don't use that vaccine!

    Don’t use that vaccine!

    A public health advisory issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics now warns against giving children rotavirus vaccine because it might cause a rare condition called intussusception.

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