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  • A Must for Children with ADHD

    A Must for Children with ADHD

    A recent study has changed my thinking about ADHD, and I hope it changes the way that all children with ADHD are evaluated and treated. And that parents are treated. Parents deserve better understanding and support than they traditionally get. Dr. Andrea Chronis and her team at the University of Maryland make a compelling argument […]

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  • Deafness

    Deafness: A-to-Z Guide from Diagnosis to Treatment to Prevention

    Related concepts: Hearing loss, Conductive hearing loss, Sensorineural hearing loss Introduction to deafness: In that first golden moment when you gazed at your baby in the delivery room, he was already beginning an amazing journey of learning. And how do children learn? They take in the world by using their five senses. The sight of […]

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  • Diagnosis in the 21st Century

    Diagnosis in the 21st Century

    Back in 1995, a man died tragically when he was only 42 years old. The official diagnosis was liver failure from alcoholic cirrhosis. No autopsy was done. The body was cremated. No clues remained. End of story. Or was it?

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  • Cow's Milk and Diabetes

    Cow’s Milk and Diabetes

    Pediatric News (33(8):2, 1999), has reported on a significant new  study coming out of Finland. Up until now, the relationship between cow’s milk and type 1 diabetes has been controversial. This is the first carefully designed, controlled prospective study, and it shows a dramatic reduction in diabetes in high-risk children who avoided cow’s milk products […]

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  • What is Color Blindness?

    What is Color Blindness?

    What is colorblindness, exactly? How does it happen?

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  • Keratosis Pilaris

    Keratosis Pilaris

    Dr. Greene, my 4-year-old son has this rash on the backs of his arms that looks like a dry form of goosebumps. It never goes away and is skin color or light pink. I have had the same rash…

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  • What is Keratosis Palaris

    What is Keratosis Pilaris?

    What’s keratosis pilaris?

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