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  • Diet Influences Asthma Risk

    Diet Influences Asthma Risk

    Kids’ changing diets may be, in part, responsible for the worldwide increase in asthma. A study published in the September 2000 issue of Thorax looked at the demographics and skin test results of children with and without asthma. They found that the more vegetables, fiber, and other nutrients (including vitamin E, calcium, and magnesium) consumed […]

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  • An Orange a Day!

    An Orange a Day!

    A study in the April 2000 issue of Thorax found that eating citrus fruit or kiwi might reduce asthma symptoms in children. In this Italian study of over 18,000 children, eating fruit rich in vitamin C five to seven times a week was dramatic in reducing overall wheezing, chronic cough, nighttime cough, and severe wheezing […]

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  • Benefits of Zinc in Reducing Illness

    Benefits of Zinc in Reducing Illness

    An Ounce of Prevention… Kids who don’t get enough zinc get sick more often and get well more slowly. Zinc is necessary for the immune system to be in top form. Where do kids get zinc? This is one instance where eating fruits and vegetables does not help.

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  • A Solid Foundation

    A Solid Foundation

    When your children are grown, much of their long-term health will depend on what they ate as kids, nutrition experts reported at the July 1999 National Conference on Advances in Pediatric Nutrition at Stanford University. This includes their risks of obesity, cancer and heart disease. Osteoporosis is another vivid example.

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  • Could Childhood Obesity be a Genetic Disorder? Yes!

    Could Childhood Obesity be a Genetic Disorder? Yes!

    The July issue of Pediatrics reports convincing evidence (from an investigation of twins growing up in different environments) that up to 80% of the variation in body fat between children is genetic and not due to diet or exercise.

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  • Sugar and Children's Diet

    Sugar & Children’s Diet

    Can you give me some information on sugar and diet? Does sugar really affect a child’s energy level and mood?

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  • Fast Facts about SIDS

    Fast Facts about SIDS

    SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, is defined as the sudden, unexpected and unexplained death of any infant or young child.

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  • Iron Deficiency Anemia

    Iron Deficiency Anemia

    My 15-month-old son was diagnosed as borderline anemic. I’ve tried giving him the iron drops prescribed but they seem to disagree with him, and now he will not take them. What can I feed him to bring up his…

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