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  • Medical Checklist

    Your Medical Checklist: What You Need To Know

    When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I learned the importance of maintaining a medical checklist. I also learned how little I really knew about my health records and family history. I had to collect information quickly and document each step of treatment and medication. This information is now carefully filed, and I have told […]

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  • Laugh and the Whole World Laughs with You!

    Laugh and the Whole World Laughs with You!

    It seems that laughing can be contagious.  Have you ever found yourself laughing after you see someone else laughing?  You don’t know why you are laughing but just seeing someone laugh can cause you to do the same.  Wouldn’t you rather catch a laugh then a cold or the flu?

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  • Stressed? Mama Nature has a nutrient for you

    Stressed? Mama Nature has a nutrient for you

    The body’s stress response is genius. When stress happens, the body shuts down all extra “programs” in favor of the “get out of dodge ASAP” one to give us the best chance at survival.  Well, like every other genius, our bodies are a little quirky too.

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  • What’s GLA & Why is it essential?

    What’s GLA & Why is it essential?

    When it comes to which fats, or specifically, which fatty acids the body needs, it can all sound like a alphabet soup – DHA, EPA, ALA and so on.  Well, as it turns out, there’s one more to stir into the soup pot – GLA, or gamma linolenic acid, is an essential fatty acid you […]

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  • Handle the Holidays… Healthier

    Handle the Holidays… Healthier

    The holidays happen every year, and every year the thought happens that this will be the year that you and the family stay healthier. And then the holidays happen and the thought morphs to January is the time to focus on our health.  Well let’s compromise – follow these tips and you can stay ahead […]

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  • Health Related Apps for Parents

    Health Related Apps for Parents

    Any parent of multiple children can tell you that keeping track of their family’s medical history can be a challenge!  Every time I am asked for a child’s birthdate, I have to pause and think, let alone their most recent weight and height! 

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  • Tending the Garden Within

    Tending the Garden Within

    One of my favorite gardening activities is digging potatoes. Rich soil hides delicious, nutritious gems like the ones in the image above from our garden.

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  • HealthTap: From 1 Doctor Answering Questions Online to >10,000 - All in One Place

    HealthTap: From 1 Doctor Answering Questions Online to >10,000 – All in One Place

    When we started here at there was just one doc answering questions online. As the years have gone by the amount of health information (all information) has exploded. But even so, there haven’t been all that many docs answering questions online. Until recently…

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  • drgblog-pediatricion-reading

    What is Your Pediatrician Reading?

    Medscape Pediatrics, a leading source of medical information for physicians (if not the leading source of info for physicians), has released the Medscape Top 10 for in 2011 – this year’s 10 most important articles, chosen by being the most read articles of the year. ***Spoiler Alert*** This is tremendous news for WhiteOut, our campaign […]

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  • drgblog-coke-ad

    Pediatricians’ Trick-or-Treat Bags

    Each year thousands of pediatricians gather for a national conference to catch up on the latest science and with each other. There’s also a huge exhibit hall, as in so many professional and trade conferences, where the latest products are displayed. At our meeting, vendors pass out logo bags that pediatricians can use going up […]

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