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  • Child's Colorful Painting

    How to Inspire Your Child’s Creative Genius

      Young children are creative dynamos. They surpass adults in their openness to possibility and their willingness to explore without fear. If you give toddlers a drum they immediately create rhythms on it; if you give them paint and a brush they instantaneously drip and rub and mix. In my experience, when most adults sit […]

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  • Kids in Bath

    Do Your Children Have Body-Safety Rules?

    We teach children numerous rules for being safe, from blowing on hot soup and using the cross walk to wearing a seat belt and riding with a helmet. But what about personal body safety around touch, private parts, and boundaries? It turns out that children who are knowledgeable about body-safety are not only more confident, […]

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  • The Importance of Developmental Screening

    Developmental Screening

    The first few steps or words that a parent witnesses their child taking can be precious moments. However for some children, they may not come on time. Surveillance and screening during routine pediatric visits are essential in being able to catch developmental delays early and act on them quickly by referral to educational programs that […]

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  • Serve and Return

    Serve and Return

    The relationship that children have with their caregivers from an early age, as well as the stimuli that surround them, are integral to their overall developmental success and have been shown to have positive effects on mental health and wellbeing as they age. Research has shown that educational achievement and productivity in adulthood is impacted […]

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  • The Benefits of Early Intervention

    The Benefits of Early Intervention

    The relationships that children have with their parents and caretakers are vital in enabling them to reach their full developmental potential. While our genes may lay down the foundation, it is the experiences that children have that are the true building blocks and the mortar for them to be able to establish important connections within […]

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  • Alan Greene as a boy in kentucy with father and grandfather

    Father: Past, Present, and Future

    Even before our babies are born, we are teaching them about the world around us. We communicate our choices, our values, even without thinking about it. They hear our voices, smell our aromas, and they taste, remember, and prefer the foods we feed to their mother.

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  • Plastic and Puberty

    Plastic and Puberty

    A new study has shown that brief exposures to bisphenol A (BPA) early in life can have a long lasting effect on reproductive hormones. BPA is a common ingredient in some plastics and resins that has been shown to act like an estrogen hormone.

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  • Body Burden

    Body Burden

    This study features the largest number of chemicals ever tested for in the same group of people – 210 chemicals were tested. The results were staggering – each participant tested positive for an average of 53 known human carcinogens, 55 chemicals known to cause birth defects or developmental delays, and a host of other chemicals.

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  • Ages and Stages

    Ages and Stages Evaluations

    How much credibility do you put into ages and stages evaluations?

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  • Self-Exploration


    How much self-exploration is acceptable in a 5-year-old girl? Is it okay to bribe her to make her stop?

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