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  • Breastfeeding with a Metabolic Disorder & Propionic Acidemia

    Breastfeeding with a Metabolic Disorder & Propionic Acidemia

    Dr. Greene, I am 8 months pregnant with a child affected by Propionic Acidemia, an inborn error of metabolism. My Doctor and Dietician warn that I will not be able to breastfeed, as the milk cannot be accurately measured….

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  • Propioni Acidemia Treatment

    Propionic Acidemia Treatment

    Are there any new, effective treatments for propionic acidemia?

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  • Propionic Acidemia

    Propionic Acidemia

    Some friends of mine recently had a baby who was diagnosed with Propionic Acidemia. Apparently this means that the baby cannot digest protein. The parents have talked with the doctors extensively about what they can do to help at…

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  • What is Propionic Acidemia

    What is Propionic Acidemia?

    What is propionic acidemia?

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  • Lactose Ovarian Failure

    Lactose, Ovarian Failure, and Galactosemia

    What’s galactosemia and how is it related to ovarian failure?

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  • Vanishing Ovaries

    Vanishing Ovaries?!

    Dr. Greene, my child had an ultrasound done that showed ovaries and a uterus, but now she has been seen by a specialist, and her ovaries did not show up. My daughter is only 17 years old. What is…

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