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  • Warts

    Warts: A-to-Z Guide from Diagnosis to Treatment to Prevention

    Related concepts: HPV, Verrucae, Common warts, Genital warts, Condylomata accuminata Introduction to warts: Contrary to well-established belief, the underside of a wart is smooth and round, and the entire wart is confined to the epidermis — the outermost layer of the skin. There are no ‘roots’! Even without roots, warts can be difficult to destroy. […]

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  • Ringworm Treatment

    Ringworm Treatment

    Dr. Greene, my little sister has a ring worm, whatever that is, on her leg right underneath her buttocks. We took her to the doctors and they said to use Tinactin cream. Does this sound right?? I’ve never heard…

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  • Hair Loss

    Hair Loss

    My 8-year-old boy is presenting a localized hair loss since approximately 10 days. What is causing this?
    Sergio – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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  • Treating Nail Fungus

    Treating Nail Fungus

    How do you treat nail fungus?

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  • Nail Fungus

    Nail Fungus

    My 3 year old son smashed his finger in the door at day care last November. Since then, his finger has swelled and oozed puss and blood several times. We have been to the doctor many times and have…

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