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  • Data in Hand

    Data in Hand

    Note: Dr. Greene works with Scanadu, a participatory medical device company that is currently running an exciting Indiegogo campaign for Scanadu Scout, the first Medical Tricorder. The first generation of medical students that went to medical school with smartphones in their pockets is still in training. They’ve just finished their second year of residency and […]

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  • Immune Functions of Skin

    Immune Functions of Skin

    This year’s flu strain is making headlines.  While the media debates the effectiveness and safety of the upcoming vaccine for our children, we’d like to add to your toolbox with a few natural approaches to preventing sickness and boosting immunity!

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  • F-Throat Part 2

    F-Throat Part 2

    In the video below I discuss how to treat what I call F-Throat, or a sore throat caused by Fusobacterium necrophorum.  It’s an important health topic that you should know about, especially if you or someone you love is between the ages of 15 – 30.

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  • F-Throat Part 1

    F-Throat Part 1

    What I call F-Throat, a sore throat caused by Fusobacterium necrophorum, is a common, important, treatable illness — but because it doesn’t show up on a strep test, it’s usually missed. Knowing about it could save a life.

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  • Not All Hand Sanitizers Are the Same

    Not All Hand Sanitizers Are the Same

    One of the best ways to keep your toddlers healthy during flu and cold season is to keep their hands clean. A good washing with soap and water is very effective in reducing the spread of contaminants that may make your kids sick. But frankly it can be tough to get our little ones to […]

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  • When Should You Go to the Doctor or Emergency Room for the Flu?

    When Should You Go to the Doctor or Emergency Room for the Flu?

    540 children in the US have died so far this year from known or suspected H1N1 flu. This tragic number is more than six times higher than in an entire typical flu year, and the current flu season may only be getting started. This tragic number is very low, however, compared to the more than […]

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  • Can Changing Our Buying Habits Reduce the Risk of Another Pandemic Flu?

    Can Changing Our Buying Habits Reduce the Risk of Another Pandemic Flu?

    Even though the flu is less dangerous than many think and the flu vaccine less dangerous than many think, factory farming of animals may continue to promote the creation of serious viruses and bacteria that threaten human populations. Swine flu comes from pigs shoved together where the virus spreads and mutates, then escapes to spread […]

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  • Feeling Congested-Tired-Feverish

    Feeling congested? Tired? Feverish? Is it a just a cold or is it flu?

    How can you tell the difference between cold and flu? I recorded this video with A.D.A.M. to give you information that will help you determine the difference between the two. How do you know if you have swine flu (H1N1)? There’s a great new online tool that can help you find out — and it’s […]

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  • Should you get the flu vaccine?

    Should you get the flu vaccine?

    We’ve all been hearing about the worst case scenarios regarding the H1N1 flu, otherwise known as the swine flu. We don’t know how bad H1N1 will be this fall, but it looks like it could be several times worse than the usual seasonal flu (which kills about 36,000 people a year in the US), but […]

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  • Pregnancy and H1N1 Flu

    Pregnancy and H1N1 Flu

    If you think you may get pregnant in the next year, this may be the most important year to get a flu shot – and an H1N1 flu shot, when it becomes available. When pregnant, it’s generally best to avoid all medications unless the benefits clearly outweigh the risks. With this year’s flu season, this […]

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