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  • Exercise Guidelines Out of Touch?

    Exercise Guidelines Out of Touch?

    Experts agree that this is the most sedentary generation of children in history. Computers, television, video games, and long hours seated at school combine to decrease children’s activity.

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  • Breast-Feeding and Obesity

    Breast-Feeding and Obesity

    It can be demoralizing when you get contradictory information about health. Two studies in the May 16th, 2001 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) appear, on the surface, to contradict each other. A large study from Harvard found that babies fed mainly breast milk were significantly less likely to be overweight […]

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  • Breastfeeding and Vitamins

    Breastfeeding and Vitamins

    Research has shown that women who are dieting and exercising tend to produce breast milk lower in certain nutrients, such as vitamin B6, that are important for babies’ development. New research shows that taking a daily vitamin supplement can correct the problem, according to a study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.

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  • Children, Exercise and Parks

    Children, Exercise and Parks

    We are raising the most sedentary generation of children in human history. However, a study published in the April 2001 issue of the American Journal of Public Health offers real, practical hope. Children were 400% to 500% more likely to be physically active if they were given an attractive place to play and were supervised […]

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  • Asthma and Calcium

    Asthma and Calcium

    Inhaled steroids may be important for treating asthma, but they may also decrease bone mass in the children who use them, especially those who take more than 400 mcg per day, according to a study reported in the October 2000 issue of the Journal of Asthma.

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  • Benefits of Exercise

    Benefits of Exercise

    Exercise during the teenage years may be one of the most important ways to prevent osteoporosis.

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  • Exercise Helping Children With Underlying Medical Condition

    Exercise Helping Children With Underlying Medical Condition

    When children have an underlying medical condition, it is easy for parents and others to treat them as fragile. At the 1999 American College of Rheumatology meeting in Boston, experts reported that children afflicted with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis who engaged in an 8-week resistance exercise program weren’t harmed by the exercise, but ended up with […]

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  • Could Childhood Obesity be a Genetic Disorder? Yes!

    Could Childhood Obesity be a Genetic Disorder? Yes!

    The July issue of Pediatrics reports convincing evidence (from an investigation of twins growing up in different environments) that up to 80% of the variation in body fat between children is genetic and not due to diet or exercise.

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