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  • Move It Move It

    Move It, Move It: How to Be Sure Your Kids Are Active Enough

    With school, clarinet practice, a bit of screen time and all that homework, your kids’ after-school schedule might feel pretty packed. Now consider that children need one full hour of physical activity every day – overwhelming, huh? With limited recess times and gym-class cuts, not all children will get enough activity during the school day. […]

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  • Why the Most Important Sports Star in Your Child’s Life Sits on the Bench

    Why the Most Important Sports Star in Your Child’s Life Sits on the Bench

    I was the slowest distance runner on my high school track team. In fact, the only way I could get a school record was when they finally made a running event so long, no one else on the team would compete. Sadly, I am faster in my forties than I was at age 15. I […]

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  • 5 Ways to Get More Exercise with Your Kids

    5 Ways to Get More Exercise with Your Kids

    As a busy work at home mom, it’s hard to get enough exercise in each week. I know I’m not alone, but it doesn’t stop me from trying to figure out ways to sneak more exercise in. I’m far from perfect with my exercise habits, but I’m trying. That’s all us busy moms can do, […]

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  • Screen-Free Play Time

    Screen-Free Play Time

    Over the years, I have observed that as our technology has become more sophisticated, parents are allowing their young children to interface more with their smart phones and tablet devices. I frequently see parents wanting to placate their energetic children in the waiting room by handing them mobile devices to play with.  While it may […]

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  • Physically Fit at Every Age

    Physically Fit at Every Age

    Campaigns such as the “Let’s Move” initiative by First Lady Michelle Obama, have brought to light an important topic: there are a resounding number of American children that obtain very limited amounts of daily exercise. However, what many parents may not know is that physical activity is important even for your newborn.  Simple activities such […]

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  • Get Your Kids Up and Moving

    Get Your Kids Up and Moving

    We all know about the importance of fitting exercise into our daily lives. However, millions of Americans still do not get exercise regularly. With the obesity epidemic all around us, it is time for every parent to take healthy steps to get or keep their kids eating healthy and moving their bodies.

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  • Burning Fat

    Burning Fat

    What kind of exercise is most effective for burning fat in children? A new study delivers an objective answer. It’s no secret that childhood obesity has become a major problem, nor that physical activity is an important tool for preventing and reversing weight problems.

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  • Soccer and Weight Loss

    Soccer and Weight Loss

    A fun, practical, affordable way to help overweight kids? My friend and colleague, Dana Weintraub, MD, from the Division of General Pediatrics at Stanford University School of Medicine and the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, led a team that studied the effect of an after school soccer team on weight. The results of SPORT (the Stanford […]

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  • A Weight and Fitness Report Card

    A Weight and Fitness Report Card

    Elementary school children in Cambridge, Massachusetts recently came home with a different kind of report card from school, informing parents of their child’s body mass index (BMI) and what it means about their child’s weight and physical fitness. After all, habits of healthy eating and healthy physical activity are among the more important things that […]

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  • Hunger and Boredom

    Hunger and Boredom

    My 3-year-old says she’s hungry all the time. She wants to eat every five minutes–even after a meal. Should I just let her munch on healthful snacks at will, or refuse her food outside of snacks and meals? Her…

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