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  • Picky Eating Day after Day after Day

    Picky Eating: Day after Day after Day

    “Ugh! I never thought I would have a picky eater. Day after day, meal after meal, so many opportunities to totally FAIL as a parent!” Parenting a picky eater can be frustrating and stressful, causing any parent to succumb to the chicken nugget and french fry rut with these words: “At least I know he’ll […]

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  • Starting Solids: An Exciting Reason to Be Thankful

    Starting Solids: An Exciting Reason to Be Thankful

    Last Thanksgiving I announced a bold campaign, spearheaded by an amazing band of volunteers, to upgrade babies’ first foods to real foods – and babies’ first grains to whole grains – and to do this in 2011.

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  • Infant vs. Toddler Formulas

    Infant vs. Toddler Formulas

    My baby is 11 months old. To make sure that she gets proper nutrition, can I keep her on formula even after she turns 1? Would keeping her on regular formula be better than switching to toddler formula?

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  • Iron Deficiency

    Iron Deficiency: A-to-Z Guide from Diagnosis to Treatment to Prevention

    Introduction to iron deficiency: A baby is born with about 0.5 grams of iron in the body. A healthy adolescent’s body has 5.0 grams. This 900 percent increase in iron comes from the iron in the food your child eats or the vitamins she takes. Throughout childhood, a steady supply of iron enables your child […]

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  • When Can Babies Start Solids

    When can Babies start Solids?

    When is the right time to start feeding solids?

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