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  • Caribbean Lime Halibut Recipe

    Caribbean Lime Halibut Recipe

    This is a very easy way to prepare fish. The pan-frying to start seals the juices in. Three tablespoons of Lime Boost can be substituted for lime and sugar. Slightly sweeter

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  • Special Weekend Brunch

    Huevos Rancheros Recipe

    This dish is simple. Many accouterments are often added but are not necessary. Buying fresh eggs from pastured hens makes

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  • maple-butter-nut-granola

    Maple Butter Nut Granola Recipe

    Recipe reprinted with permission from Feeding the Whole Family (third edition) by Cynthia Lair (Sasquatch Books, 2008). Use granola as a topping on hot cereal, fresh fruit, 

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  • Squash and Raisin Stuffed Chicken Breasts Recipe

    Squash and Raisin Stuffed Chicken Breasts Recipe

    Stuffed chicken breasts sounds difficult and gourmet – not true. A fantastic way to renovate leftovers like roasted squash and extend a pound of chicken to feed a family. Very pretty morsels too! These are really

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  • Brown Sugar Apple Pie Recipe

    Brown Sugar Apple Pie Recipe

    Here is an updated version of the all American classic. This recipe makes two 9” pie crusts and an 8 slice pie and uses healthier whole wheat flour and coconut oil in the crusts and brown sugar in the filling. What could be more of a treat than this? Maybe

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  • Thai Steak Salad Recipe

    Thai Steak Salad Recipe

    There’s no dilemma about this omnivore delight. Lime, cilantro, garlic and some heat rubbed into some grass fed beef. Medium rare strips served over salad with cucumber. I’m salivating, how about you? Try to locate

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  • Big Mo Minestrone with Garden Fresh Vegetables Recipe

    Big Mo Minestrone with Garden Fresh Vegetables Recipe

    Minestrone means “big soup” in Italian and there as many variations as there are cooks. This recipe uses some of the classic minestrone vegetables, don’t hesitate

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  • Vegetable Yaki-Soba Recipe

    Vegetable Yaki-Soba Recipe

    Vegetable Yaki Soba is a great go-to meal when you can’t think of anything to make. It’s easy and it’s inexpensive. Warm, nourishing garlic ginger broth with simmered vegetables ladled over noodles is sure to be a hit. This traditional Japanese dish might

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  • Be Bop Breakfast Recipe

    Be Bop Breakfast Recipe

    We are so nutrition nerdy at Bastyr University that the students make “I Love Kale” t-shirts and sell out. I have combined this super

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  • Bowl of Indian food with rice

    Chicken (or Chickpea) Tikka Masala Recipe

    I love Indian food don’t you?  Serve with Golden Spice Rice and Blanched Broccoli to balance out the slightly rich sauce on the chicken.  Hold on here.

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