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  • Over the Rainbow

    Over the Rainbow

    Around the same time your baby is consciously reaching and grasping, he undergoes a gradual transformation that is as remarkable as the scene in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy leaves the black-and-white world of Kansas for the brilliant colors of Oz. The red, blue, and green cones in his retina come online. All the […]

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  • High-dose Amoxicillin

    High-dose Amoxicillin

    My 26-month-old, 26-pound daughter was diagnosed as having an ear infection. Her doctor put her on amoxicillin–500 mg, twice a day. Everyone is telling me that 1000 mg per day is an awful lot. What do you think?

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  • Contact Lenses

    Contact Lenses

    My preteen daughter sometimes wears her daily-wear contacts overnight or even for two nights. Is this safe? Also, what do you think of those novelty contacts that you can get without a prescription?

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  • Convergent Strabismus

    Convergent Strabismus

    I think my 3-year-old son has a mild case of convergent strabismus. How can this be treated?

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  • Bacterial Conjunctivitis Treatment

    Bacterial Conjunctivitis Treatment

    What is the treatment for pinkeye?

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  • Seeing Color

    Seeing Color

    How do we see color?

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  • Is My Child Color Blind

    Is My Child Color Blind?

    Dr. Greene, I suspect that my son, who is turning four in a few months, may be color blind. He has difficulty naming red and green, but no problem with the other colors. Is there a way to test…

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  • What is Color Blindness?

    What is Color Blindness?

    What is colorblindness, exactly? How does it happen?

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  • Sunglasses and Kids

    Sunglasses and Kids

    What is the recommendation of children wearing sunglasses and why? Is there long term damage done to the eye from exposure to the sun?
    Los Gatos, California

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  • Retinoblastoma


    A patient of mine was recently diagnosed with retinoblastoma. Can you tell me about the disease — and is it hereditary? Thanks.
    Registered Nurse – Carlsbad, New Mexico

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