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  • Pediatricians vs Chemical Industry

    Pediatricians vs. Chemical Industry

    Who should Congress listen to as they craft laws to regulate toxic chemicals? There is nothing more important than protecting our children’s health. The majority of parents know that when it comes decisions about their children, trained pediatricians, physicians and medical institutions know a thing or two about how the body works. The last six […]

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  • protect your family from toxic chemicals

    Retailers Taking Action to Protect your Family from Toxic Chemicals

    For many of us, we feel the frustration of trying to find safe, non-toxic products while we’re standing in the aisle of a major retail chain. Looking up and down the aisle, I will turn over a laundry detergent bottle, lotion, or children’s toy looking for answers as to if it may be safe. I’ll […]

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  • safe and healthy environments

    Creating safe and healthy environments

    When you think about the word “environment”, what comes to mind? Yosemite National Park, swimming in a lake in northern Wisconsin, or a field of roaming bison? For most people we think of the natural world when we heard the word environment, but as it turns out when we’re looking at the intersection of human […]

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  • childrens health problems

    Are Children’s Health Problems the new “Normal?”

    Childhood cancers like leukemia and brain cancer have gone up 20% in the last 40 years. Puberty is starting earlier than it did in the past. Learning disabilities and autism have grown exponentially in the last several decades, affecting one in eight children. Asthma rates in African American children had the most dramatic rise, nearly […]

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  • picking up the phone

    Moms, Aunts and Grandmas are Picking up the Phone

    Today thousands of people are coming together to make a call. They won’t be calling their partner, doctor or friends. They’re calling Congress. If you just rolled your eyes at the thought of calling Congress, stay with me for a minute, this will be fun. I promise. I work with people, perhaps just like you, […]

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  • Refrigerator Storage

    From Bakeware to Blenders — Getting the Plastic Out of the Kitchen

    As I wrote yesterday, it’s impossible for us to know which plastics are absolutely safe to eat or drink from because plastics manufacturers do not disclose the chemicals added to their plastic products. So instead of taking a chance, I avoid plastic in the kitchen. I’ve replaced nearly all of my kitchen plastic with plastic-free […]

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  • Are There Any Safe Plastics

    Are There Any Safe Plastics?

    Which plastics are safe to eat or drink from? Or to give our children? If you Google “which plastics are safe?”, you’ll find lots of articles on the Internet explaining the resin identification codes (the little numbers 1 – 7 in the “chasing arrows” triangle on the bottom of a plastic item) and which ones […]

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  • farmers-market

    Top 10 Tips to Reduce Your Plastic Footprint

    Why should we reduce our plastic use? Isn’t that what recycling is for? Actually, recycling is the last of the 3 R’s — Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – because it’s meant to be the last step, a way to deal with the plastic that we can’t avoid after reducing as much as possible. Why? Well, unfortunately, […]

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  • Photo by Beth Terry. Kahuku Point, the northern most tip of Oahu, on Coastal Cleanup Day, September, 2013.

Plastic continuously washes ashore from out in the ocean because of the nature of the currents. Cleaning it up is a Sisyphean task.

    Why Go Plastic-Free?

    Photo by Beth Terry. Kahuku Point, the northern most tip of Oahu, on Coastal Cleanup Day, September, 2013.  Plastic continuously washes ashore from out in the ocean because of the nature of the currents. Cleaning it up is a Sisyphean task. Could one photo change the course of your life forever? That’s what happened to me six years ago. […]

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  • email-9-featured

    Childhood Diseases: What You Can Do to Change The Odds in Your Child’s Favor

    When I was a kid, none of my peers had type 2 diabetes. I didn’t know anyone with a life-threatening peanut allergy. The label ADHD was rarely used. Today more kids will live with a chronic medical condition in childhood than won’t. Read that again. It would be unbelievable if it weren’t so pervasive. Allergies, […]

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