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  • Choose Your Future

    Choose Your Future

    Every time you choose a food, you are choosing part of the future – the future of your body, your community, our land, our water, and our air. You might be choosing a future that’s better, that’s worse, or that strengthens the status quo. While listening to Jason Mraz perform at the 25th Farm Aid […]

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  • Horizon Organic in Support of Family Farms

    Horizon Organic in Support of Family Farms

    Willie Nelson, while accepting another large check from Horizon President Mike Ferry, expressed heartfelt gratitude and urged the crowd at the 25th Farm Aid concert to appreciate Horizon Organic’s many years of strong support for this important cause. Horizon runs two farms of its own, but the great majority of its milk comes from over […]

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  • What Is Biodynamic Gardening and Farming?

    What Is Biodynamic Gardening and Farming?

    Philosopher, metaphysician, mystic, and scientist Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian, developed the biodynamic method of gardening and farming in the early 20th Century. It is fundamentally and practically organic gardening and farming, with its tenets put down by Steiner before what we think of today as organic gardening and farming was even developed.

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  • The Food Price Scam

    The Food Price Scam

    Those who disparage organic food often claim it’s too expensive and imply that consumers are being scammed.

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  • We Are Sinking in a Chemical Swamp

    We Are Sinking in a Chemical Swamp

    The news was astounding. When researchers tested the blood in the umbilical cords of newborn babies, they found 273 different commercial chemicals. That means that all those chemicals passed the placental barrier and reached the developing fetus’s body. Babies today are swimming in a contaminated sea of chemicals called the amniotic fluid.

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  • Why Wines Made from Organically-Grown Grapes Taste So Pure

    Why Wines Made from Organically-Grown Grapes Taste So Pure

    I recently tasted a group of wines made by Paul Dolan and grown near Hopland in Mendocino County, California. Dolan was for many years at the helm of Fetzer winery in Hopland, a pioneering winery using organically-grown grapes. His tenure at Fetzer was marked by many green innovations, including the planting of clover, vetch, and […]

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  • Are You Eating Fake Foods Without Knowing It?

    Are You Eating Fake Foods Without Knowing It?

    What do I mean by “fake food?” Perhaps fake food is best described by first defining what I mean by real food.

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  • So Many Important Reason to Chose Organic

    So Many Important Reasons to Choose Organic

    I’ve been an organic farmer for more than 26 years, and I’m so gratified that growing food without synthetic chemicals is no longer regarded as a crazy occupation. Now, many people believe that choosing organic food over conventional protects their personal health as well as the environment. They’re also beginning to understand that the two […]

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  • Farm Fresh

    Farm Fresh

    I love to cook. I don’t mean like, or even really like, I mean cookbook obsessed, recipe-scribbling, culinary gadget-addict, cannot wait to get into the kitchen to spend hours preparing multi-course feasts pure unadulterated love. Yes, it is a huge part of my life. And I choose to work with organic, all-natural, wholesome ingredients that […]

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  • How Local Should We Go?

    How Local Should We Go?

    How much local should we aim for? Barbara Kingsolver describes in her captivating book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle how her family went nearly 100% local for a year. Here in North Carolina, there’s a movement to get everyone to go just 10% local. The shift helps community farms thrive, making fresh, healthy food more available and […]

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