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  • Ear Infection Vaccine

    Ear Infection Vaccine

    Is there really a vaccine that can prevent ear infections?

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  • No Parents Want Their Children to Need Surgery...

    No Parents Want Their Children to Need Surgery…

    …and there are ways to prevent it! Children go under general anesthesia more often for ear tubes than any other reason. A study in the August 1999 Pediatric News ( 33(6):15, 1999) found that the two most important risk factors for needing surgery were exposure to tobacco smoke and attendance at daycare. Lack of breastfeeding […]

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  • Cold Or Flu? How To Tell The Difference

    Cold Or Flu? How To Tell The Difference

    The symptoms we get during a viral illness are often the body’s attempt to get rid of the virus and to minimize damage. Sneezing ejects the virus from the nose, cough from the lungs and throat, vomiting from the stomach, and diarrhea from the intestines. Fever makes it difficult for the virus to reproduce. The […]

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  • Ear Infections and Ear Tubes

    Ear Infections and Ear Tubes

    Dear Dr. Greene, I am a little concerned over the first paragraph in the section regarding when ventilation tubes are necessary in children. You state that the purpose of ventilation tubes is to allow bacteria and fluid to drain…

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  • What is Swimmer's Ear?

    What is Swimmer’s Ear?

    What’s swimmer’s ear and how can it be prevented?

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  • Swimmer's Ear and Sunburn

    Swimmer’s Ear And Sunburn

    We are getting ready to go on vacation! My 9-month old gets a lot of ear infections. Should I take any kind of medication with me to prevent swimmer’s ear? What type of SPF lotion should I use (he…

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  • Long-Term Effects of Middle Ear Fluid

    Long-Term Effects of Middle Ear Fluid

    Dr. Greene, my son recently saw an ENT specialist because of mouth breathing, snoring and enlarged adenoids. While checking my son’s ears, he commented on fluid in his left ear, which he estimated might have been there for some…

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  • Fast Facts about Meningitis

    Fast Facts about Meningitis

    Bacterial meningitis can occur at any age, but 95 percent of cases are in children under 5 years old. Boys are more likely to get it than girls.

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  • Ear Infection Shot

    Ear Infection Shot

    Dr. Greene, my 9-month-old gets ear infections all the time. The problem is he won’t take antibiotics. He can recognize medicine a mile off. Right now we are trying to give him Septra, but he completely refuses. What do…

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  • Ear Infections - The EarCheck Device

    Ear Infections – The EarCheck Device

    Dr. Greene, I’m so frustrated! My son has been sick several times already this winter. It usually starts in the middle of the night (usually a work night!) with screaming. I don’t want to take him to an emergency…

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