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  • It Was Amazing!

    It Was Amazing!

    While I was in New York I got to see a lot of things. Did you know that Toys R Us has a 60-foot Ferris wheel inside and a huge Barbie House and a 40-foot dinosaur? It was soo cool!!

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  • Purple Day Goes International

    Purple Day Goes International

    This year Purple Day has gotten even bigger and on March 9th the Anita Kaufmann Foundation flew me to New York with my Mom and brother Chad for the USA launch of Purple Day.

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  • The First Purple Day

    The First Purple Day

    Last year I emailed all of our government, I even called our Prime Minister’s office, but I didn’t get to talk to him. I called Paul Shaffer from the David Letterman Show and he wore a purple tie on the show for me.

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  • About the Renal Tumor Program at my hospital

    About the Renal Tumor Program at my hospital

    As some of you know, a while ago my oncologist and surgeon, David McDermott and Drew Wagner, asked if I’d be willing to be videotaped talking about what I think about the Renal Tumor program they offer.

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  • You Shouldn't Have to Go It Alone

    You Shouldn’t Have to Go It Alone

    Over 6,000 rare diseases (those that effect less than 1 in 2000 people) have been identified. Many of these diseases are life threatening, but because a relatively small number of people are alive at any given time with each individual disease, little or no research funding is applied toward finding a cure for each one. […]

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  • Chemicals in Your Environment

    Chemicals in Your Environment

    Parents are often surprised when I tell them that a great number of the products we use in our homes are not necessarily evaluated and declared safe by a government entity. The paints that cover your walls, the stain-resistant fabric that covers your furniture, the very carpet under your feet… these things can contain toxic […]

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  • Where’s the Cold Virus?

    Where’s the Cold Virus?

    Think twice before picking up that remote if someone in your home has a cold! Researchers from the University of Virginia, armed with DNA swabs, did a CSI-like evidence hunt in the homes of 30 people with early cold symptoms. Where did they find the virus?

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  • Educating Children & Teens with CFS: The Show Must Go On

    Educating Children & Teens with CFS: The Show Must Go On

    Children and teens with CFS have many of the same issues as other children with chronic illnesses, confounded by the fact that they have an illness which is poorly understood, often misunderstood, and too often misdiagnosed. And what do we tend to do when we don’t understand an illness?

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  • Treatment of CFS

    Treatment of CFS

    In this ongoing five-blog series about managing CFS in children and teens, I regret that the treatment section will be the shortest! While CFS research is being done on many fronts, much about this disease remains elusive.

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  • The Diagnosis of CFS

    The Diagnosis of CFS

    As we have discussed previously, there is no diagnostic test for CFS. The diagnosis is a clinical one: the patient’s symptoms must meet the case definition criteria (See “Do I have CFS” box below) and all other medical possibilities must be ruled out. As a result, the diagnosis is often missed.

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