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  • Fast Facts about Psoriasis

    Fast Facts about Psoriasis

    Psoriasis is often not even considered in children because the average age of onset is 28 years.

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  • DiGeorge Anomaly

    DiGeorge Anomaly

    My five-year-old daughter has DiGeorge syndrome. Her T and B lymphocyte counts are normal, but she gets infections all the time — ear infections, sinus infections, pneumonia. It seems like she is always on antibiotics — sometimes the strong…

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  • Hemihypertrophy and Cancer

    Hemihypertrophy and Cancer

    Is it true that people with hemihypertrophy are more likely to get cancer?

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  • Hemihypertrophy


    What is hemihypertrophy?

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  • Kawasaki's Disease

    Kawasaki’s Disease

    Last spring my toddler came down with Kawasaki’s disease. We are very lucky, because his pediatrician recognized his symptoms on the 5th day and he was treated. Six months have passed, and there are no signs of heart involvement….

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  • Kawasaki Disease Defined

    Kawasaki Disease Defined

    What is Kawasaki disease?

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  • Antibiotic Overuse

    Antibiotic Overuse

    I am so concerned about antibiotic overuse. Could you help get the message out to parents? If you could I’m sure we could get a real head start on this problem.
    April Parker

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  • Fast Facts about SIDS

    Fast Facts about SIDS

    SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, is defined as the sudden, unexpected and unexplained death of any infant or young child.

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  • Could it be a Seizure?

    Could it be a Seizure?

    Dr. Greene, my nephew’s 2-year-old fell shortly after learning to walk and was unconscious for a short time. She was seen and was found to have mild concussion. Since that time she has bumped her head on a few…

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  • What Causes Seizures

    Seizures Causes

    What causes seizures?

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