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  • Blocking Mosquitoes and Ticks 2010

    Blocking Mosquitoes and Ticks

    Five bug repellents scored high marks for preventing bites, but three common choices didn’t make the grade in 2014 testing by Consumer Reports. As a parent and pediatrician, I want a mosquito and tick repellent that is safe, effective, and easy to use. It also helps if it doesn’t smell like bug spray.

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    How to Prevent and Treat Tonsil Stones

    When I was a child, it was commonplace to remove tonsils. The thinking of the day was that tonsils didn’t serve much of a purpose. Much like the thinking of the day about the appendix. Now we know the tonsils serve as filters keeping bacteria, viruses, and foreign bodies that enter the mouth from making […]

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  • Tech Resources Help Kids with ASD Succeed in School

    Tech Resources Help Kids with ASD Succeed in School

    Technology has found a place in many therapeutic areas, and it’s gaining speed in the world of autism spectrum disorder. With many children with ASD drawn to tech gadgets, it makes sense to use that innate connection to enhance the quality of education and your child’s functional skills. A number of autism organizations, advocacy groups […]

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  • Autism Dietary Needs and Schools

    Autism Dietary Needs and Schools: Making It Work

    As research emerges demonstrating that certain dietary changes may improve the signs and symptoms of ASD, more parents are placing their children on supplements or restricting certain foods from their diets. Certain supplements have also been shown to reduce the gastrointestinal symptoms that frequently plague children with ASD. Celebrities like Jenny McCarthy have touted the […]

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  • School Safety Tips for Your Autistic Child

    Back-to-School Safety Tips for Your Autistic Child

    Your autistic child is heading back to school, to a new school, or to school for the first time. In any case, their safety is your top priority, and you can’t keep your watchful eyes on them 24-7 while they’re attending school. There are ways to keep them safe even when they’re out of sight […]

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  • School Checklist for Autistic Children

    The School Checklist for Autistic Children

    You’re nervous about your autistic child starting a new school year. You worry about whether they’ll thrive in the new environment, whether the teacher will be successful in building the connection your child so desperately needs to foster a conducive learning environment. Here’s a back-to-school prep checklist for autistic children.   Talk up the positives […]

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  • Back to School with Autism

    Back to School with Autism: Three Tips to Prepare

    The start of a new school year is stressful for families of children with autism. Changes to the environment can be especially disturbing for some autistic kids, and parents are wracked with nerves and guilt over how well they’ll adapt to the new situation, new teachers, and new classmates. There are some things you can […]

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  • Medical Checklist

    Your Medical Checklist: What You Need To Know

    When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I learned the importance of maintaining a medical checklist. I also learned how little I really knew about my health records and family history. I had to collect information quickly and document each step of treatment and medication. This information is now carefully filed, and I have told […]

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  • News to Share

    The Hardest News to Share

    The only thing worse than having a doctor tell you that you have been diagnosed with cancer is telling your children. Just saying the words, “I have cancer” can make you choke. It took me two years to say the words without a struggle. So how do you share the news calmly to the most […]

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  • BRCA Testing

    The Supreme Court Decision on BRCA Testing: It’s Significance for Women

    On June 13, 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled that companies cannot patent naturally occurring human genes. This landmark ruling is a giant step forward for women’s health because it breaks down barriers and opens doors for more accessible and affordable testing for the BRCA gene mutation. Why Is BRCA genetic testing important? We […]

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